Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Dante Character Information

Character information regarding Dante, the Legendary Devil Hunter, of Devil May Cry 5. Included is his arsenal of weapons.

Dante Character Information

The owner of the shop “Devil May Cry” and the strongest devil hunter. A half-demon born from the evil hero Sparda and human Eva. He has a storied history of thwarting the devil’s attempts of invasion many times.

Dante’s Weapons


Dante’s sword, which he received from his father Spada. He is extremely proficient with Rebellion, able to smite adversaries with ease.

Ebony & Ivory

Dante’s signature black and white pistols. These weapons fire at an excellent rate. Ebony and Ivory were designed and created by the legendary gunsmith “Neil Goldstein” for Dante’s use.

Coyote A

A shotgun that Dante modified for battling devils. The it isn’t the best at long range, but its destructive power at close-range is outstanding.

Devil Trigger

Dante, being a half-demon, can draw the power of the devil from inside himself. His DT (Devil Trigger) gauge fills with battle. Once the gauge is full, Dante can turn into a demonic figure. The transformed Dante demonstrates extreme power and resilience. Players can use this mode when battling more dangerous enemies.

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