Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Gold Orb Locations

Information on Gold Orb Locations in Devil May Cry 5.

Gold Orb


A consumable used to revive your character whenever they die.
You can also revive your character once you have collected a certain number of Red Orbs.

Available Gold Orbs

Obtain Likes from Shared Single Play

One way to obtain more gold orbs is by collecting “Likes” from other players during Shared Single Play.

Nico’s Shop

You can visit Nico’s Shop to purchase Gold Orbs.
Nico’s Shop Items

Login Bonus

You can also obtain gold orbs through the first day login bonus.


As you explore the main story, you will encounter gold orbs scattered around the levels. It can be tricky to spot them as they can be well hidden and rather rare.

Gold Orb Locations

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