Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Secret Mission 4 Walkthrough

A walkthrough for Secret Mission 4 in Devil May Cry 5, including where to find it and strategies on clearing it.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission 4 Walkthrough


↑ Line up the pentagram to finish the mission.

↑ Break the wall here with the help of Nightmare.

Secret Mission 4 appears in Mission 5 – The Devil Sword Sparda. Follow the yellow staircase which leads to a hidden passage.


Mission Objective
Get rid of the demons unscathed.
Time Limit
3 minutes


Tips for Summoning Nightmare

Hell Cainas and Hell Antenora spawn. Inspect the area for a spot where the enemies will group together, as this will prove favorable for Nightmare in tearing through them. It is best to engage in a location near a wall to ensure that enemies will not be able to attack from behind.

Using Gambit

While you can incapacitate an enemy, you will still be open to attacks from other enemies. To deal damage consistently, use Gambit to close in on a single enemy, then follow-up with Forced Move to exit safely.

Race Against Time

Time your actions carefully in order to progress through the area without taking damage. Do not be tempted to flee from battle. Defeat all the enemies before time runs out.
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