Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Mission 18 – Awakening Walkthrough

A complete walklthrough for Mission 18 - Awakening in Devil May Cry 5, including mission objectives, boss strategy guides, obtainable weapons, and orb locations.

Mission 18 – Awakening Walkthrough



Dante Nico
rish Lady

Obtainable Elements

Item Location
Red Orb Along the path
Blue Orb Along the path


1 Watch the cutscene.
2 Customize Equipment and Buy Items.
3 Read Tutorial: Kalina Ann II.
4 Proceed down the path.
5 Battle with Griffon.
6 Proceed further down the path and obtain orbs along the way.
7 Battle with Hell Cainas
8 Battle with Shadow.
9 Battle with Empusas and Angelos.
10 Battle with Griffon and Shadow.
11 Battle with Griffon, Shadow, and Nightmare.

Mission 18 – Awakening Walkthrough

5) Battle with Griffon commences.

8) Battle with Shadow commences.

11) Battle with Griffon, Shadow, and Nightmare

Your experience playing with V‘s familiars will prove beneficial when you using Dante to face them:

  • Griffon remotely attacks using lightning strikes.
  • Shadow freely changes its appearance, turning into a blade or needle to deal melee attacks.
  • Nightmare possesses unmatched power and unbeatable durability. It attacks surrounding enemies with physical attacks and pulsating laser beams.

You can use Gunslinger to attack Griffon, Royal Guard to fight against Shadow, and Swordmaster to deal with Nightmare. Use Trickster to either approach the targets or to avoid their attacks.

Orb Locations

Blue Orb

After defeating Shadow the first time, go to the area marked in the image above. Destroy the Demon Tree Blood Clots and defeat the enemies at the opened area to reach the blue orb fragment.

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