Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Mission 5 – The Devil Sword Sparda Walkthrough

A complete walklthrough for Mission 5 - The Devil Sword Sparda in Devil May Cry 5, including mission objectives, boss strategy guides, obtainable weapons, and orb locations.

Devil May Cry 5 Mission 5 – The Devil Sword Sparda Walkthrough

First Area

1 Follow the path ahead.
2 Defeat the Hell Caina.
3 Destroy the red parts of the roots.
4 Go inside the tunnel that was cleared.
5 Go up the stairs to destroy the roots.
6 Get the White Orb from the platform in the middle.
7 Go to the next area to the right from the stairs.
8 Defeat the enemies.
9 Destroy the red parts on the roots behind the tractor.
10 Defeat the Empusa that appear.
11 Proceed to the path that was cleared
12 Get the White Orb on the platform on the left.
13 Destroy the red parts on the roots on the platform
14 Defeat the Empusa Queen
15 Destroy the red parts on the roots near the wall
16 Jump down the hole and defeat the Hell Cainas and Empusa Queens there.
17 Reach the exit.
18 Battle Edler Geryon Knight

Tunnel Area

1 Jump down the hole and defeat the Hell Cainas and second Empusa Queen
2 Reach the exit

Above Ground

1 Battle Elder Geryon Knight

Mision 5 – The Devil Sword Sparda Walkthrough Strategy

Get the Blue Orb Fragment in the room near the tractor

There is a Blue Orb Fragment to the left, in the back of the tractor. Collect it before proceeding to the Empusa Queen fight.

Battle with the Empusa Queen

DMC 5 Mission 5 Walkthrough

Create some distance away from the Empusa Queen while sending out Shadow and Griffon to attack. The Empusa Queen’s attacks have very predictable timing as it always winds up before striking. Stay mobile and avoid getting cornered until you are able to summon Nightmare to distract it. When you see an opening to perform Checkmate, approach it from behind to defeat it.

Get the Purple Orb Fragment in the area with the gas tank

You can get the Purple Orb Fragment by positioning yourself on the platform opposite the fragment and then clinging to Griffon to reach it.

Escaping the tunnel

Before you reach the tunnel’s exit after jumping in the hole, you will fight another mob of enemies and another Empusa Queen. As always, keep yourself in the back lines while Shadow and Griffon attack the enemies. Unleash Nightmare again on the second Empusa Queen and deal with it like with the first.

Boss: Elder Geryon Knight

DMC 5 Mission 5 Walkthrough

Elder Geryon Knight is a rather straightforward boss. The boss gallops around for much of the early stages of the fight, occasionally charging at you with his lance. This can be avoided with a well-timed dodge. When he moves some distance from you, pepper him with Griffon’s long-range attacks.

The best strategy to use against the boss is to maintain a safe distance from him and let your summons do damage. The boss has several area of effect attacks that can easily catch you. Among these attacks is the summoning of electricity his horse stands on two legs, he striking the ground with his weapon to generate lightning.

When you see the boss raise his left hand, be ready to dodge three consecutive bolts of electricity.

Eventually, Elder Geryon Knight’s horse’s mane will glow. This is telegraphing a shout that slows time. The boss will then proceed to teleport to random locations and attack you. The place where he will appear can be anticipated to dodge his attacks.

The horse can also shoot orbs that explode and cause time to slow down in an area. If you get caught inside, move out quickly to avoid a follow-up attack.

Keep dodging his attacks while chipping away at his health with Griffon and Shadow. Summon Nightmare as often as possible. Eventually, the boss’s stead will kneel in pain which allows you to deliver the killing blow.

Orb Locations

Blue Orb

1.) You can find a blue orb to the right of the tractor.

Gold Orb

1.) Go to the left at the branching path inside the sewers to find the gold orb.

Purple Orb

1.) As previously stated, you can get the Purple Orb Fragment by jumping from the platform opposite the fragment with Griffon.

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