Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Nero Basic Controls

Basic controls for Nero in Devil May Cry 5, including button inputs and specific mechanics found for each move.

Nero Basic Controls


Input Details
Left analog stick Movement speed changes depending on how much the stick is tilted.


Input Details
Right analog stick Pressing R3 readjusts the camera to its original position.

Lock On

Input Details
Press and hold R1 You can switch targets while locked on by pressing the L3 button.


Input Details
x Tapping X performs a low jump while pressing it longer performs a high jump.

Kick Jump

Input Details
x towards a wall Kick off and jump off from a wall

Side Roll

Input Details
(While on the ground) R1 + L stick sideways + x Roll horizontally to avoid enemy attacks. Pressing □ allows you to fire your ranged weapon while rolling.


Input Details
Taunt Taunts change depending on your current Stylish Rank


Input Details
(While moving) Touch Pad Performs a dropkick on enemies. Has very short range and low damage.


Input Details
Tilt and hold left analog stick Performs a sprint to run faster.

Wire Snatch

Input Details
R1 + ◯ Shoots a wire from the right arm to pull in enemies. Wire Snatch 2 extends the distance the wire can reach. Cannot pull large or heavy enemies.

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