Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Tips for Battle

A list of basic tips for battle in Devil May Cry 5. Performance in combat is the most important factor in determining Stylish Rank at the end of missions.

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Combat Basics

DMC 5 Tips for Battle

Be familiar with the controls

While it is possible to simply mash the various attack buttons in combat, you will want to know the variations of attacks during combos and when incorporating abilities. You can take time to learn the controls in the game’s Void mode.

Learn to keep the offense going

By spamming melee attacks with the same button, your assault will inevitably end once the combo is finished. This stops the momentum of your offense and slows you down. Try to keep the pressure going by combining various types of attacks, both melee and ranged, during battle. Not only does this allow you to defeat enemies quickly, but it also allows you to gain lots of Stylish Points.

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Be aware of enemies around you

Taking damage greatly reduces your Stylish Rank, so it is important to learn how to avoid getting hit.

While focused on attacking a specific enemy, be aware of foes that are winding up their attacks so that you can evade them.

If you find yourself surrounded by enemies, jump out and use a ranged attack to disperse the group. You can also do this in the middle of a combo.

Tips for Combat using Nero

DMC 5 Tips for Battle

Use Wire Snatch often

Even after finishing a combo, you can continue your assault by pulling the target towards you again using Wire Snatch. Wire Snatch is even capable of interrupting certain enemies, so use it often during combat.

Wire Snatch is particularly useful against very large bosses, as it lets you immediately get up to them and near weak spots.

Use EX Action

With a charged Exceed (EX) gauge, Nero’s next melee attack becomes more powerful and generates more Stylish Points. Stronger variations of Nero’s abilities are also executed using EX Action, so try to have it charged as often as possible.

The EX gauge can be charged manually by pressing L2 repeatedly. It can also be charged instantly by pressing L2 in a specific window after an attack. The last method is an important skill to learn when using Nero and should be practiced in Void mode.

Use Devil Breakers

It is difficult to earn a high Stylish Rank with just Nero’s sword and gun. Create more variety in your combos by using the various other Devil Breakers.

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