Brawl Stars - Main Menu Screen

This guide details all the information found on the Brawl Stars Main Menu screen and how to navigate through it, including Sub-Menus and other features in the game.
Beginner’s Guide
1: Main Menu Screen 2: Shop →

Main Menu Screen

Brawl Stars Main Menu

Upon loading Brawl Stars, the player will start at the Main Menu screen. The interface displays a lot of information for new players to take in. This guide details the various icons and buttons on the game’s Main Menu.
Brawl Stars Main Menu Screen

Top Menus

Player Stats and Glory Road Progress

Brawl Stars Glory Road Progress

Tapping the upper left button opens the Trophy Road screen where you can track your progress in obtaining the various League rewards based on how many Trophies you’ve collected in the game. As stated in the Trophy Road screen, the amount of trophies you’ve obtained is the combination of all the individual trophies your Brawlers currently have.

Brawl Stars Trophy Road

You can also view your player stats at the far left of the Trophy Road screen where you can change your in-game avatar, current level and experience, and stats on various game types (3v3, Solo, Duo among others).

Brawl Stars Player Stats

You can also change your game avatar image by tapping the sprocket icon on the upper left of their current avatar. Under the avatar image is the player’s ID.

Currencies (Event Tickets, Coins and Gems)

Brawl Stars Currencies

Your current stockpile of Event Tickets, Coins and Gems can be viewed at the top right corner of the Main Menu, just before the Chat and Settings buttons (indicated by the conversation and stacked rectangles icons respectively).

We go deeper into Brawl Stars’ various Currencies in our Currencies Guide.

Chat Button

Brawl Stars Chat Button

The chat button allows you to view any friends or Club members currently online. You can also create a team, join one and communicate with your teammates in this menu.

Brawl Stars Online Players Tab


Brawl Stars Settings

The Settings menu allows you to tweak and customize different game settings to your liking, such as language,  sound effects, music, and movement control. You can also change your In-Game Name in this section, as well as access Brawl Stars’ various support documents.

Brawl Stars Settings Screen

Left Menus


Brawl Stars Brawlers Button

The Brawlers section displays the complete Brawler list in the game. Tapping on a Brawler’s portrait will bring you to the Brawler’s stats where players can view their level, attributes (Health, and Attack and Super Damage,) and level progression. You can also view the Brawler’s different available Brawler Skins.

Brawl Stars Brawlers List


Brawl Stars Shop Icon

The Shop has various items up for sale at a time. Purchasable items range from special Level Packs, bundled goodies that may contain Brawl Boxes, pouches of gems, and various other items.

You can buy Brawl Boxes and Power Points in Daily Deals, the former purchasable with gems and the former with coins. Daily Deals has a timer that counts down the time the current offerings are available before being replaced with different ones.

Brawl Stars Shop Screen

You will be given either a free Brawl Box or a Token Doubler per day, so it is recommended to log-in daily for a guaranteed reward whenever you log-in to the game.

You can also avail of the Token Doubler for 50 gems to double their next 1,000 keys from Battles. Below the Token Doubler offering are the Brawl Boxes, and Gem and Coin Packs the player can buy. Note that Gems can only be purchased real currency at the shop.


Brawl Stars Social Button

The Social menu lets you view your current Club (Brawl Stars’ version of clans or guilds) if you are already part of one (as well as the number of trophies your club currently has, its club tag, membership type and required trophies to join), as well as see which of your Club members are currently online. You can also choose to leave your Club here if you wish to do so. Tapping on the Friends tab next to Club allows you to see a list of your current friends, suggested ones and invites from those who wish to add you in the game. You can also connect with friends via Facebook in this menu.

Brawl Stars Club Screen

Center Screen

Brawl Star Center Screen

The center of the Main Menu displays your currently chosen Brawler, as well as that character’s currently Rank, Power and number of trophies accumulated. On either side of the chosen Brawler’s model are two “+” buttons. Tapping on them allows you to team up with your friends or Club members on the game mode you intend to play in.

Right Menus

Battle Log

Brawl Stars Battle Log Button

The Battle Log menu displays your recent battle record in Ranked games. You can check out which Game Modes awarded you Star Player, how long a match lasted, how many trophies you earned and the players you played with and against.

Brawl Stars Battle Log Screen


Brawl Stars Leaderboard Button

You can view the players currently dominating the server in the Leaderboards section. You can also view each player’s current number of trophies and the Club they belong to. The Leaderboards section also allows you to view both Global and Local rankings in the game as well as ranking based on total trophies earned, Club rankings, and the highest ranked players using a specific Brawler.

Brawl Stars Leaderboard Screen


Brawl Stars News Button

The News menu lets you read the latest announcements and updates from Supercell, including patch notes, events and new features added to the game.

Brawl Stars News Screen

Create Room

Brawl Stars Create Room Button

The Create button (Friendly Game) lets you play against your friends or against bots by making a private room for you. This is also a good place to practice and hone your skills before you duke it out against other players in the different game modes.

Brawl Stars Create Room Screen

Bottom Menus

Token Counters

Brawl Stars Token Counters

The number of Tokens and Star Tokens you currently have are displayed at the lower left corner of the Main Menu . Collecting 100 Tokens allows you to get a Brawl Box, while 10 Star Tokens can be exchanged for a Big Brawl Box.


Brawl Stars Events

You can choose which Event (or game mode) to participate in by tapping the Event Menu. From there, you can choose to play in any of the game modes you have unlocked so far. Each Event will have a timer counting down to when the available in a specific slot will be changed. For Showdown, you will be able to choose whether to play it Solo or Duo according to your preference.

Brawl Stars Events Screen


Brawl Stars Play Button

The big Play button simply lets you dive into a game. You can check the number of available tokens you can obtain from battles in upper right corner of the button. You have a maximum of 109 earnable keys, 20 keys being added to the number every two hours.

Beginner’s Guide
1: Main Menu Screen 2: Shop →

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