Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Gilgamesh Boss Guide

A boss guide for Gilgamesh in Devil May Cry 5, including the boss' attacks, behavior, and strategies on defeating it.

Devil May Cry 5 - Mission 6 - Gilgamesh Boss

Devil May Cry 5 Gilgamesh Boss Guide

Gilgamesh is the boss Nero encounters at Red Grave city pier ruins in Mission 6. The whole mission revolves around Nero killing this boss in the game.

Gilgamesh’s Attacks

Energy Projectiles from the Tentacles

Gilgamesh has two types of projectiles. One is a pair of tentacles that will target Nero with homing energy blasts throughout the battle.

Energy Projectiles from the Abdomen

Devil May Cry 5 - Mission 6 - Gilgamesh Boss Guide

Its other source of projectiles is its abdomen. Energy blasts occasionally come from its abdomen. Even if the projectiles do not hit Nero directly, they can still deal spread damage whenever they land on the floor.

Defensive Spikes

Devil May Cry 5 - Mission 6 - Gilgamesh Boss Guide

After a short cutscene between Nero and V, Gilgamesh will grow spikes on its back to drive Nero way from its core. The spikes will trigger when Nero stays on the creature’s back for a few seconds.

Top-like Drones

Devil May Cry 5 - Mission 6 - Gilgamesh Boss Guide

A top-like drone will also come out of Gilgamesh’s body to target Nero while he is attacking. This drone is equipped with a sharp spinning blade, so Nero must avoid it at all times.

Gilgamesh Boss Strategy

Target Gilgamesh’s Soft Spots (Calf and Knee)

Devil May Cry 5 - Mission 6 - Gilgamesh Boss Guide

While gunfire works, melee attacks deal more damage and allow Nero to fill up his Exceed gauge more quickly. He needs to make the boss trip over by destroying the illuminated soft spots on the boss’ legs in order to get on its back. Nero only has to wound one leg to make Gilgamesh fall down the first time. Succeeding falls require wounding additional legs to fell the beast. A successful hit is signified by a blue flame. Attack tentacles to prevent them from attacking.

Use Wire Snatch and Punchline Devil Breaker

Devil May Cry 5 - Mission 6 - Gilgamesh Boss Guide

Gilgamesh’s main weakness is the core on its back. The core is exposed during the earliest stages of the battle but will hide after receiving enough damage. in the later stages of the match, spikes and top-like drones will come out to prevent you from directly damaging it. Wire-snatch your way to the core or use the Punchline’s surfboard mode to catch up to Gilgamesh as it moves. Also, it is advisable to use Punchline’s rocket-propelled fist to continuously deal damage.

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