Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - How to Improve your Stylish Rank

Information and tips on how to improve your stylish rank in Devil May Cry 5.

Devil May Cry 5 Stylish Rank Tips

Tips for Raising Stylish Rank

Use a variety of Techniques

Devil May Cry 5 Stylish Rank Tips

Rather than continually using the same weapon and techniques to destroy enemies, switch between weapons and attacks styles to improve your stylish rank.

Maintain your Combo Meter

Devil May Cry 5 Stylish Rank Tips

Maintaining your combo is essential to getting a high stylish rank. Always be looking for your next opponent as to keep your combo going.

Pay Attention to the Enemy’s Strength

Upgrading your weapons will help you deal with enemies. However, be wary of one-shotting the opposition, as it might cause you to have difficulty in increasing your Stylish Rank.

Provoke Enemies

Devil May Cry 5 Stylish Rank Tips

Before starting a battle, do your best to provoke enemies. Doing so will keep them close, making it easier to further increase your Stylish Rank points.

Devil May Cry 5 Stylish Rank Tips

It is possible to provoke enemies in the air. By provoking between attacks, it is possible to prevent your rank from dropping.

You can also use Provoke to prolong your Stylish Rank meter when it is about to disappear. This gives you additional time to look for more opponents to defeat.

Maintain Accumulated Exceed

Devil May Cry 5 Stylish Rank Tips

Using Nero’s Exceed attacks with Red Queen make it easier to raise your stylish rank. Successfully landing the attack will give your rank a big boost.

Avoid Getting Hit

Devil May Cry 5 Stylish Rank Tips

If aiming for a high rank, you must avoid damage at all costs. Nero’s Break Away can be used to get some distance away from enemies. Nero has a moment of invincibility when doing so, which the player can use to switch to another Devil Breaker.

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