Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Punch Line Skill List

A list of the skills you can do using Nero's Punch Line Devil Breaker weapon in Devil May Cry 5 and how to perform them.

Punch Line Skill List

Jet Gadget

Control Details
With Punch Line equipped, press 〇 when you are airborne to ride it. You can perform various tricks with  ◯, □, △, and ×. Nero can use the Punch Line as a skateboard while in the air. He can also perform different tricks which increases his Stylish Rank whenever he hits opponents.

Boost Knuckle

Control Details
Press and hold 〇 when with Punch Line equipped. Release 〇 when Nero’s arm lights up. Nero charges the Punch Line, it deals more damage the longer it is charged. Once released, if he scores a clean hit, it blows up heavy enemies.

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