Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Urizen (Final Form) Boss Guide

A boss guide on Urizen in Devil May Cry 5, including the boss' attacks, behavior, and strategies on defeating it.

Urizen (Final Form)

DMC 5 Urizen Final Form Boss Guide

Urizen’s Attacks

1st Phase (higher than 50% HP)

Scattering Rays

DMC 5 Urizen Final Form Boss Guide

Urizen summons a cluster of purple rays that rain down on the target. Avoid them by running to his side or by using Trickster when you see the purple target indicators on the ground.

Ground Explosion

DMC 5 Urizen Final Form Boss Guide

Vergil summons an explosion from the ground. Watch for when the ground glows blue to avoid the attack.

Double Kick

DMC 5 Urizen Final Form Boss Guide

Urizen performs a kick with his left leg before following with the right. Has a fast startup. Can be avoided by dodging sideways or by jumping away. Can also be parried with Royal Guard.

Ground Punch

DMC 5 Urizen Final Form Boss Guide

Urizen punches the ground and generates a blue explosion. Also quick to start. Jump away to avoid it. Usually connects to a right leg kick that can also be avoided by jumping.

2nd Phase (Urizen near 50% HP)

Running Uppercut

Urizen charges at the player to perform an uppercut. This is usually done after a ground punch but can come out on its own as well. Dodge sideways or use Trickster to avoid. Jumping is somewhat unreliable. Urizen can clip you when he starts running even if you are mid-air.


DMC 5 Urizen Final Form Boss Guide

Urizen can easily close the distance or get away from you by warping. This is indicated by a purple aura.

Heel Stomp

Urizen gains a third hit after his ground punch and kick combo. After the kick, he will heel stomp the ground. Avoid by dodging sideways, using Trickster, or jumping away from the attack.

Twin Laser

DMC 5 Urizen Final Form Boss Guide

Vergil will summon two lasers that turn sideways to hit their target. Jump over the lasers as the beams approach. Another way to avoid them is to go into Trickster and perform an Air High or an Air Raid to extend your time in the air. You can also try to attack using Devil Sword Dante or Cavaliere’s aerial combo to stay in the air longer.

Thorn Spikes

DMC 5 Urizen Final Form Boss Guide

Urizen’s most powerful attack. His hands glow bluish-white before he unleashes a number of thorns on the ground. Jump to avoid them as soon as you see the eye in the middle of Urizen’s chest flash.


Use Trickster as Much as Possible

Urizen attacks relentlessly, switching often between ranged and melee attacks. The key to winning the fight is to damage him while staying mobile. Trickster allows you to reliably dodge most of his attacks. You’ll have a window to attack when the boss stops to recover.

Keep Urizen in your Sight

Do not focus your attention on Urizen’s projectiles alone. If you pay too little attention to Urizen himself, you won’t notice when he warps next to you to perform a melee attack.

Use Sin Devil Trigger after you’ve reduced Urizen’s HP to Half

Urizen’s first phase is not nearly as hard as his second. When at half health, Urizen will be much more aggressive and throw out every trick he knows. It is best to save Devil Trigger or Sin Devil Trigger for the second phase of the fight. You will most likely need the HP recovery from Devil Trigger or burst damage from Sin Devil Trigger to close out the battle.


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