Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Vergil Boss Guide

A boss guide for Vergil in Devil May Cry 5, including the boss' attacks and strategies on how to defeat him.

Vergil Boss Guide

DMC 5 Vergil Boss Guide

Vergil’s Attacks

1st Phase (higher than 50% HP)

Summoned Swords

DMC 5 Vergil Boss Guide

Vergil summons floating swords that shoot toward the player. Can be avoided by dodging or blocking them with Royal Guard.

Spiral Swords

Vergil can summon multiple swords around himself or around the player. After summoning them, he will usually try to close the distance and get the player caught in the spinning swords. Jump away from him to dodge. The swords will shoot in different directions after a while if you don’t get hit, so prepare to jump again to dodge. When he summons the swords around the player, get rid of them with Cerberus’ nunchaku attack or Rain Storm with Gunslinger. The swords will damage you if you do not get rid of them in time.

Running Slash

DMC 5 Vergil Boss Guide

DMC 5 Vergil Boss Guide

DMC 5 Vergil Boss Guide

Vergil warps near the player and charges towards them with a running slash. Can be avoided by jumping, dodging to the side, or parrying with Royal Guard.

Running Stab

Indicated by blue aura emanating from Vergil. He will warp a good distance behind the player before dashing towards them to stab them. The timing is a bit strict so it is recommended to jump instead of dodging sideways to avoid it. Vergil will yell “Stop Moving!” when he is about to perform the attack. If you time a guard when in Royal Guard at the right moment, you can avoid the attack as Vergil will just go right through you.

Judgement Cut

DMC 5 Vergil Boss Guide

DMC 5 Vergil Boss Guide

Vergil sheathes his weapon and steps back briefly before sending a long-distance shockwave toward the player. You can watch the projectile moving by looking at the ground. Use Trickster to dodge it or jump away from the shockwave. Can also be parried with Royal Guard.

Close-Quarters Slashing

Vergil warps next to the player and performs a sword combo.  Can be avoided by jumping away from Vergil.

2nd Phase (Vergil near 50% HP)

Devil Trigger

DMC 5 Vergil Boss Guide

Vergil automatically enters Devil Trigger when near 50% HP. He will perform many of his normal moves in rapid succession and warp faster and more frequently than usual. His Judgement Cut, for example, will hit three times instead of just once. He can also summon multiple swords to shoot at the player. All of these can be avoided by dodging with Trickster or by jumping away.

Descending Slash

DMC 5 Vergil Boss Guide

DMC 5 Vergil Boss Guide

Vergil warps into the air and performs a descending slash. Can be dodged or jumped away from. It can also be parried using Royal Guard.

Aerial Charge

DMC 5 Vergil Boss Guide

DMC 5 Vergil Boss Guide

DMC 5 Vergil Boss Guide

Vergil warps to the center of the map and begins gathering power. He will fly into the air and attempt to crash into the player three times. This can be dodged by jumping or by using Trickster. After each charge, he will summon spiral swords around the player, so quickly destroy them with Rain Storm. You can also time a Royal Release with Royal Guard to knock Vergil out of Devil Trigger as he is about to hit you, though the timing is very strict.

Dimension Slash

DMC 5 Vergil Boss Guide

DMC 5 Vergil Boss Guide

Vergil gathers power as a large dark sphere covers the area. After a while, he will slash at everything inside the sphere. Get out of the affected area when he starts charging.

Spectral Shadow

Vergil summons a spectral version of himself in Devil Trigger form at around 10% HP. Take it out before focusing on Vergil himself. You can use Stinger to damage the copy. It will disappear after two hits in your human form and in only one if you are in Devil Trigger).

Boss Strategy

Attack Vergil when he misses

Vergil can be attacked in human form when recovering after a move. This means that you should always let Vergil attack first, dodge, and then retaliate. Initiating the attack yourself will almost always result in Vergil parrying and countering.

Vergil is near-impervious in Devil Trigger form

Do not attempt to attack Vergil when he is in Devil Trigger as you will do next to no damage. He also cannot be staggered in his empowered form. The only times Vergil can be hurt in Devil Trigger is if you yourself are empowered. Gathering enough energy by parrying his attacks in Royal Guard allows you to do massive damage to him with Guard Release or Royal Release. Wait until he reverts back to his human form to be able to counter him.

Use Devil Trigger to Recover HP

When your HP gets low, you can activate Devil Trigger to gradually recover HP. If this happens, you may want to resort to just dodging his attacks as your HP regenerates to make the most out of the transformation.

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