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This page contains a guide on how to play free mode and utilize every weapon in the map on surviving the fierce battle for supremacy in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Free Mode

Free mode is a game mode in grand theft auto online that is essentially a mode that allows players to pick up any weapon of their choosing, body armor as well as health packs that are scattered throughout the map. Almost every vehicle found in single-player is also present in the free mode. This ranges from regular cars, to sports cars and helicopters. The game mode can host up to thirty players on Xbox One, PS4 and PCs while free mode in GTA V on Xbox 360 and PS3 are limited to 16 players only.


Almost every vehicle will be available in the free mode game mode. Choosing the one that best suits you is very tasking. That is why you should always go for something that provides high mobility like sports cars compared to that of regular cars. You are not only taking the prized vehicle for the publicity and the reputation, but as well as its high-powered engine that is capable of delivering 0 to a hundred kilometers in just a matter of seconds.


Knowing when to engage your enemies is also key in playing the game. Remember that every weapon will be available in the game mode so randomly attacking your enemies would prove to be quite futile. It’s best to scout your enemies weapons and how aware they are of their surrounding. Don’t just recklessly go and kill the enemy as much as possible but also try to keep in mind that you have to take care of approaching enemies as their shotgun might one shot you without retaliation since you have a sniper in your hands.


Remember when to disengage as the game mode is capable of housing several players at a time. Don’t be caught up in the middle of fire so try to position yourself somewhere where you know you’re comfortable at shooting at the enemies without getting flanked at every direction.

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