[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Survival Mode

This page contains a guide and some tips and tricks on how to play survival mode in its each wave of survival jobs in Grand Theft Auto V Online.

Survival Mode

Survival Mode is a game mode that is first unlocked at level 15 in Grand Theft Auto Online. Each player must defend through incoming waves of NPCs in their location. There can be up to a total of four players that can play the survival mode. If your character gets killed during the wave, you will be placed into spectator mode until your allies finish the wave and survive. The waves in total are ten and when finished completely by the players, will award them with $30, 000 individually as well as an Unnatural Selection achievement/trophy.

Going High Ground

Remember that a lot of NPCs will come and attack the locations you are defending. This will mean that you need the vision to see everyone around you and make the best decision on who to attack first. This will also mean that you would be less likely to be vulnerable from flanking and surprise attacks if you are on high ground since you can pretty much see everyone who’s approaching and will have limited blind spots due to your position. Keep at high ground so you can manage the attacks better.


You will be exposed to multiple shots from enemies so the best way to avoid being slaughtered especially since because you have positioned yourself high above from the ground and being visible as well is to have something you can quickly cover with. This is an obvious tip but many people seldom forget to hide themselves from enemy fire because they’re too excited finishing off as many as they could. Having a cover that directly protects your body and allows just your head to pop up would tremendously help you as well. You have just reduced the amount of area that you could have been attacked with.

Be Ready From Every Direction

NPCs spawn almost anywhere from the map so don’t just focus on one direction. Be aware of your surroundings as a free attack from the back can get you severely wounded, or even worse, kill you. NPCs will have already shot you several times before you could even take notice so always be careful where you’re treading and protect yourself at all times. The enemy is near.


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