[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA5] Tips and Tricks: Stunt Plane Time Trials

This article contains an explanation of the Stunt Plane Time Trials. It includes the mechanics, and the recommended set-up before participating on the Time Trials.

This article contains an explanation of the Stunt Plane Time Trials. It includes the mechanics, recommended set-up before participating on the Time Trials, and a few tips.

Stunt Plane Time Trials

The Stunt Plane Time Trials are single-player, aerial-based, time-pressured challenges which test your ability to pilot a Mallard. To unlock them requires finishing Franklin and Lamar. To initiate this Side Mission, board the Mallard that lies at the exterior of the plane hangar situated in Sandy Shores Airfield. Around 5 time trials which cover flying, ranging from passing through bridges, soaring past certain landmarks, and maintaining a low altitude within the duration of the challenge.

Similar to Flight Schools, players will receive medals based from their performance during the course of the Trial.

The challenge comes from piloting a Mallard. It is recommended to maximize the Flying Skill in order to attain a full gauge. One of the best ways to prepare for the Stunt Plane Time Trials is to finish the Flight School courses.

Click here for a detailed guide on Aircrafts.

Bear in mind that this is not required for the 100% Completion.

Time Trials

These are the following Time Trials.

Mission Objective Reward
Airport Flyby Race over the downtown airport. Bronze: 02:50
Silver: 02:25
Gold: 02:00
Altitude Race across the mountains with severe changes in altitude. Bronze: 03:00
Silver: 02:27
Gold: 01:55
Bridge Binge Race through a low valley passing over and under bridges. Bronze: 02:10
Silver: 01:40
Gold: 01:10
Engineered Bridgework Race under, over, and through a series of bridges. Bronze: 02:00
Silver: 01:36
Gold: 01:12
Vinewood Flyby Race through the hills, passing the Vinewood Sign. Bronze: 02:00
Silver: 01:37
Gold: 01:15

Over and Under

To score better times during a trial, especially for those aiming to obtain a Gold Medal, practice flying upside down when navigating through each Challenge. This usually nets you time bonuses which are dependent on the color of the checkpoints. In essence, it allows you to shave off time to finish with a better score.

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