[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds / PUBG] Air-Drop Strategy Guide

This page contains a guide on Air Drops in PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), including strategies, obtainable weapons and equipment, and tips and tricks.

Air-Drop Strategy Guide

Air drops are supplies dropped from airplanes that contain various weapons from different classes and miscellaneous equipment that includes medical supplies, to attachable accessories and even ghillie suits. Airplanes can be heard from miles away so always be ready to predict its flight path and decipher on when it’s going drop the items. Be mindful though as you are not the only one aiming to supply yourself. Air-drops can mean your death sentence if you are not aware of your surroundings. Other well-equipped players might use the air-drop as a killing ground for poorly-equipped players. Air-drops do not always necessarily mean good news, as it can be turned to a battleground really quick.

What to do When You Spot an Air- Drop

Watch your surroundings.

When you spot an airplane that is ready to drop its items, be sure to scout your surrounding areas. Try not to waste your life when there are a lot of players opting to retrieve items from the plane as well.

Tread lightly.

Enemies might lurk just around the corner expecting your arrival. Always doubt an air-drop that has no players around it as other players are most likely waiting from a bush nearby.

In and Out

When you do manage to retrieve items without difficulty, don’t linger around the area as you were most likely the earliest player to arrive. You can opt to wait for other players to get the items but be wary as they will come in numbers.

Items Found in an Air-Drop

Miscellaneous Equipment

  • Adrenaline Syringe – Increases your boost and restores your health overtime.
  • Med Kit – Instantly heals you back to full health. Med kits are very rare to find but are also the most valuable recovery item.
  • 15x PM II Scope -magnifies the player’s vision in the scope by fifteen times.
  • Ghillie Suit – camouflage clothing to help players blend in their surroundings.
  • Helmets (level 1- 3)  – protective gear that lessen damage on headshots.

Miscellaneous Weapons

  • M249 – A weapon with very high recoil. It’s best using it with short bursts to achieve higher accuracy from longer distances.
  • AWM – A very powerful sniper rifle that can kill enemies with a single bullet from headshots even with level 3 helmets.
  • M24 – Can’t one-shot enemies but has higher rounds of bullets.
  • Tommy Gun – Has very high damage-per-shot ratings in the submachine gun class; very reliable for spraying at close-range combat.
  • Kar98k – Highly obtainable amongst other sniper rifles.
  • SKS – normal recoil with high rate of fire but with minimal ammunition.

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  1. Hi, i wonder at what time each air drop will drop during the game is it are there start of a new zone of is it randomly chosen?