[PlayerUnknown’s Battleground / PUBG] PG-117 Vehicle Strategy Guide

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This article contains information about the PG-117 vehicle in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground [PUBG]. We’ll add more information as soon as we find more information.



Maximum Speed Body Durability Tire Durability No. of Seats
90 km / h 7


  • The PG-117 is the only known water vehicle in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds [PUBG].
  • As the only water vehicle, the PG-117 serves an excellent means of escape from particular areas.
    • Majority of the spawns for the PG-117 surround the island of Sosnovka. Players who often enter the military base there either hike on foot or make their way using the boat.
  • While it is an excellent means to escape, this vehicle often times consumes a lot gas. Players who wish to use the boat to travel must at least find a Gas Can on hand to refuel.
    • Otherwise, players may find themselves swimming or rendering themselves an open target.
  • Players can also use this particular vehicle as a means to camp.
    • Some plays also include using this boat as a means to ambush the enemy.
  • The boat allows backdoor passage to certain places such as Fisher Town, Zharki, Novorepnoye, and Stalber.
    • Majority of the places mentioned also have PG-117 spawn points.
  • As of now, the place with the most spawn points for this particular vehicle is the coastline of Sosnovka Island. Along the island, there are at least 5 possible spawn points.
    • This doesn’t include the 4 spawn points that are found near Fisher Town.
  • Players who use the PG-117 must be ready with an Assault Rifle or a Frying Pan. The Frying Pan can serve as a means to block incoming gunfire whereas the Assault Rifle can deal damage to any player that rides the boat or intends to ambush as the boat docks.

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