[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds / PUBG] Shotgun Stats and Strategy Guide

This article contains a Shotgun Stats and Strategy Guide in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). It includes basic information for shotguns and a strategy guide on how to use them, as well as recommended attachments for the said weapon type.

Shotgun Stats and Strategy Guide

Shotguns are specifically designed to fire shell cartridges which are mostly used for close combat. Shell cartridges usually contain either small pellets (for smaller targets) or buck shots (multiple large pellets for larger targets) that scatter towards the target. Shotgun bullets often hit multiple parts of the body due to its contents, making it a deadly weapon at point blank range.

However, the shotgun is less useful on longer distances due to its tendency of scattering its bullet contents. So, the shotgun is good to be partnered with pistols or sub machine guns that you can use for longer distances.

One of the most used and recommended shotgun in the game is the S1897 which is usually used for Close Quarters Combat Loadouts (searching in houses and other tight areas in the map). The S1897 should be partnered with any assault rifles or sub machine guns in case you will get ambushed from long distance.

Click here to know more about the recommended Loadouts in the game.

In-Depth Weapon Guides


There are a handful of attachments compatible with the Shotgun. These range from Muzzles to Bullet Loops with various effects.

Extended Quickdraw Mag (for S12K)

Extended QuickDraw Mag for AR, S12K

Type Effect
Magazine Increases Magazine Capacity and Reload Speed -30% Reload Duration

Choke (for S1897 and S686)

Choke for S1897 and S686
Type  Capacity Effect
Choke (Muzzle) 5 Decreases your shot from spreading(-18.20%/-15.40% Shot Spread)

Bullet Loops (for S1897 and S686)

Bullet Loops for S1897 and S686
Type  Capacity Effect
Bullet Loop 15 Increases reload speed (-30% Reload Duration)

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