[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds / PUBG] Strategies

This article contains a list of  Strategies in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG). It includes strategies for Solo Play, and Duo/ Squad Play.

This article contains a list of  Strategies in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). It includes strategies for Solo Play, and Duo/ Squad Play.


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Applicable for Solo

While these strategies employ specific patterns to work, it is possible to combine them to tailor to your needs as certain Strategies tend to be more difficult to master than others.

Waiting Game (Passive)

If you intend to wait it out, you can choose to go camping inside miniature houses, these occur in clusters around the map. Normally, you will not find the best loot as these occur in high-traffic areas, but you will find decent ones essential for surprise encounters.

However, camping does not stop there as you need to be within the zone to continue. For those who happen to be lying outside, be sure to move until you enter the border. If you find any passersby, fire at them then loot their remains for supplies.

For those within the zone, you can simply remain inside the houses until you get forced to leave. Feel free to loot the other adjacent houses. This tactic works better if you can acquire a Car which can take you to the zone’s edge. If you lack a vehicle, run immediately until you find a comfortable spot to camp in while waiting for enemies to approach the area. As you remain hidden, pop a gun against any passersby and loot them to find decent to better alternatives to what you are currently equipped with. Rinse and repeat. It is preferable to ditch the car to avoid being noticed by other players if you happen to reach the finale.

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Aggressive Play Style

The exact opposite of the first. It entails deploying in high-traffic areas albeit understanding that dangers that come with them. To perform this strategy, you need to be keen on where other players are hiding, which houses are occupied, etc. Once you have enough knowledge of their whereabouts, find a spot to hide near the house entrance, and take them out preferably with a Suppressor to reduce noise as they are about to exit.

This strategy requires that you can either perform stealth kills with little to no intervention from surrounding enemies, or you can afford to engage in combat against other players after doing so.

Stealth Strategy

Stealth employs pursuing another player from the Start (parachuting) while remaining in the shadows, then locating a firearm as quickly as you can to take them out. One of the drawbacks to this strategy is that if you fail to take out your victim and you blew your cover, the consequences are fatal.

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This strategy is effective as it always keeps you on your toes to continually pursue other players. Terrain should not be as problematic as you will mostly look for natural cover such as Forests and Trees. By the time you reach the last segments of the round, you can go after weakened players for an easy kill. If you manage to survive past that, and are unfortunate to be engaged in another gunfire against another player, chances are the other player might employ a similar tactic as well. To combat this, be sure that you can grasp where the other player may be lurking.

Applicable for Duo/ Squad Only

One strategy is easier to perform when in numbers in order to secure the position faster before being stormed by bullets. While it is possible to find choke points in solo play, Duo/ Squad Play require certain procedures to form better choke points.

Bridge Intercept

The bridge near Sosnovka Military Base can become a fortress in the hands of a fast and well-coordinated Duo/ Squad Team. To employ this strategy requires finding multiple Cars one by one. Avoid the bridge near Mylta as this has relatively few Car spawns from the other one.

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As you arrive by the bridge, take all the weapons you need then proceed immediately to the nearest Car. Drive the car and locate 2 more cars. Barricade the middle of the Bridge with 3 cars, this should be enough to prevent other Cars from passing and will force enemies to take the Motorcycles to get across.

Look out for enemies from either side of the bottleneck then openfire using a full-auto Assault Rifle /Submachine Gun to take them out handily.

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