[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds/ PUBG] Vehicle Spawn Points

This article contains information, tips, and tricks on where the vehicle spawn points are in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds [PUBG].

Vehicle Spawn Points

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds [PUBG], Vehicles are a big must whether it’s for a getaway or a shield. However, the vehicle spawn points are scattered all over the map. Even then, players are not sure as to where and when the vehicles spawn. However, there have been certain places that serve as a vehicle spawn point to which they are also near some loot. And because they’re near loot, they’re also quite a high risk place.

Nonetheless, knowing the vehicle spawn points will at least give the players an advantage in knowing they can get away after a kill.

List of Sure Land Vehicle Spawn Points

Land Vehicles are the most common form of vehicles in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. These land vehicles can range from jeep to motorcycle. However, these vehicles also have a limit which is based on the amount of gas they consume. If players can loot gas from certain areas, they can keep their vehicles moving.

Type of Vehicle Specific Location Area Name
Land Hospital Georgopol
Water Town, Garage, School Rozhok
Garage Pochinki
Garage Mylta
Garage (Outskirts) Novorepnoye
North of the Villa Between Yasnaya Polyana & Lipovka
Garage near the Sea Lipovka
Garage Outskirts Georgopol
Edge of Georgopol Hills Georgopol
Riverside Georgopol

List of Possible Boat Spawn Points

Boats are one of the more escape-based vehicles. Because they’re on water, not many players can chase unless they use sniper rifles to shoot down the driver of the boat. At times, the boat is also restricted due to the area as to where it spawns. Below are the list of areas that have possible boat spawn points:

Area Name # of Spawn Points
Primorsk 4
 Pier Town 2
 Sosnovka Island 8
Novorepnoye 3
Mylta 2
Mylta Power 1
Lipovka 2
Water Town (Rohzok) 2
Rohzok 1
Yasnaya Polyana 2
Stalber (Coastline) 5
Severny 1
Zharki 1
Georgopol (Riverside) 2
Swamp Town (South) 1


The vehicle spawn points however don’t mention what exactly will spawn there. However, there are certain areas with possible vehicle spawn points. As of now, it’s still a bit RNG-based (Random Number Generator) which can either make or break the game. Nonetheless, players most of the time will be spending their time on land unless trying to escape in which there’s a boat to escape to another area.

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