[PlayerUnknown’s Battleground / PUBG] Motorcycle with Sidecar Vehicle Strategy Guide

This article contains information about the Motorcycle with Sidecar vehicle in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground [PUBG]. We’ll add more information as soon as we find more information.

Motorcycle with Sidecar


Motorcyle with Sidecar
Maximum Speed Body Durability Tire Durability No. of Seats
135 km / h 3


  • The Motorcycle with Sidecar has good grip with low fuel consumption. Players often rely on this kind of vehicle to allow them to get away easy.
  • This particular vehicle is also considered one of the fastest land-based vehicles.
  • The main weakness of this particular vehicle is that, like the UAZ Open Top, has an open exterior.
  • Despite the open exterior, it makes up for it using its speed and low gas consumption.
  • It is capable of holding three people and the sidecar allows players to use an SMG or a Pistols.
    • However, some players noted that even Assault Rifles can be used while sitting in the sidecar.
  • Most players prefer this vehicle because of it having one of the lowest fuel consumption rates, having only half of the regular consumption.
    • However, refueling this car may be quite difficult. Due to the open exterior, the vehicle makes a player vulnerable should they attempt to refuel the car.
  • This vehicle is also capable of running a bit of off-road but not as well as the UAZ Open or the Jeep.

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