[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds / PUBG] Early Stages to Late Stage Match Strategy Guide

This page contains a guide on basic strategies and gameplay during the early, middle and late stages of each match in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), including recommended objectives, and tips and tricks when progressing through the game.

Gameplay Strategy Guide – Early, Middle and Late Stages

Choose Your Drop-off Wisely

Randomly dropping to locations where you aren’t aware of what’s awaiting you might result to your own demise. Try deciding the area you’re going to head to before you start your match. Particularly the area which you are most experienced with since you will know what to do once you drop-off.
You can still of course change your drop-off once you notice that a lot of players are already occupying the area you were supposed to go. Remember to constantly adjust to your surroundings and as much as possible avoid conflict early on since you will be vulnerable from lack of equipment.

Find Weapons that Fit You

Every weapon has different levels of recoil, different numbers of ammunition and different weights. Each weapon is unique to its own so choosing a weapon that will fit most to you is critical.  It’s better to use a weapon that you are most comfortable with so you’d know how to aim it and are aware of its pros and cons. You have to choose weapons that are beneficial to your current surroundings as well. Like choosing a shotgun for tight spaces and close ranges or sniper rifles for long range combats. Be mindful when choosing your weapon as picking up a weapon you are not familiar with will most likely result to your disadvantage at combat.

Middle Stages

Avoid Meaningless Battles

During the middle stages of the game, purposely trying to find enemy players would most likely just get you killed. Remember that the playable area continues to shrink as the game progresses. Staying out in the open with the playable area continuing to shrink against at least fifty more players will prove to be quite troublesome. It’s best to hunker down somewhere near the center of the playable area inside buildings so you can protect yourself better with the inevitable threats that will soon arrive.

Arranging Your Items

You need to fully prepare yourself in battles as you will have to quickly switch out your weapons as well as your consumable items. Place your main weapon first like automatic rifles first followed by pistols and then melee weapons. You then have to have your throwable weapons next for utility purposes then followed by your consumables for support. Remember that you need to have your inventory ready not only for battle but for utility and healing yourself. A well-armed inventory will take you a long way.

Late Stages

Go to Safer and Areas

In the late stages of the game, the playable area would be so little that conflict will be unavoidable. Try to position yourself somewhere where at least your back is covered to avoid being pin down by multiple players as they will most likely come out and finish the game. Position yourself from locations where you can safely scout enemies from a distance without worrying about enemies from your back.

Make use of Vantage Points

Making use of vantage points is vital as the game slowly comes to a close. Position yourself in locations where you can see the whole battlefield. Particularly atop buildings to avoid surprise attacks and to know the movements of your enemies.

All in all, the result of the game all boils down to your strategy on how to play safely and avoid early deaths. This is just a guide on what to do if you are faced against certain tough situations. Every game is unique so always try to adjust on what will benefit you the most.

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