[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds/ PUBG] Duo Play Strategies

This article contains information, tips, and tricks on how a player can fight as a Duo in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds [PUBG].

Duo Play Strategies

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds [PUBG], players can choose to either play by themselves or bring in friends. There are two play modes for cooperative play: duo or squad. As a duo, there are only two members in one team. The objective however remains the same: be the last one standing. But as the players proceed with the game, here are some strategies to win as a Duo.

Call-Out Strategy

The Call-Out Strategy is one of the strategies that require an extra program to help. It may require both players to be on voice chat or constantly type in their chat box. As the battle intensifies, there will come a point where both players are separated from one another. Thus, it’s also important to note where one’s partner is. Because, in Duo strategy, the player is capable of resurrecting his/her partner if he/she is playing on Duo Mode. The weakness however with this is if the internet is not stable enough to support the voice chat or the two players are unable to respond to each other on time.

Landmark Strategy

The Landmark Strategy has both players split up but having a common rendezvous point. Having this common rendezvous point allows players to know what kind of loot they’ll need. It also helps in scouting and checking they need certain items in other areas. Having a Landmark Strategy also helps in coordinating with one’s partner and being able to establish a fortress, taking out enemies one by one. The problem with this strategy however is if it is a high risk area and many players go there for loots. Or, during the Red Zone, that said landmark gets bombed.

Bait and Switch Strategy

The Bait and Switch strategy requires one of the players to step outside as bait. The other player will then play as the Sniper to take out the enemy. However, the linchpin of this strategy requires the one playing the sniper to have high accuracy. Kiting against other players is quite difficult especially when there are other players engaged in combat. This strategy doesn’t work well if there are multiple enemies from different sides.

Code Commands Strategy

The Code Commands involve coming up with a set of words which will allow the players to coordinate faster. Also because it’s shorter, the player has more time to react faster. But the main problem with this kind of strategy is if the players suddenly get confused with the meaning, slowing down reaction time.

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