PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds / PUBG - Battle Area Introduction

This article contains information about the Battle Area and explains how it works in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds [PUBG]. 

Battle Area Introduction

Battle Area Introduction Guide

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), players enter what is called the “Battle Area,” where they are pitted against one another in a fight for survival. While the players’ initial objective is to secure weapons and equipment, they must soon deal with the ever-changing landscape around them. Whether by electrical pulse or bomb drop, players can simply die to their surroundings if they’re not careful. Below is an explanation of the environmental dangers that await you in PUBG:

Battle Area Mechanics

Battle Area Mechanic

Upon entering the Battle Arena, the player drops from the plane. As they descend down, a large white circle soon encircles the area. Once it does, a blue circle appears and closes gradually in on the white circle. The blue circle marks the area in which the player cannot step. Players who do so will suffer incrementally increasing pulse damage. The longer the player stays beyond the remaining area, the more frequently he takes damage from the pulse.

Pulse Damage Rates

The table below displays the amount of damage taken for every pulse. The pulse damage occurs when the player gets out of the safe area. Unlike other games, it does not leave the player with 1 remaining HP; it is possible to die purely to pulse damage.

Frequency Damage
 1st  1x
2nd  1.5x
3rd 2x
4th 2.5x
5th 7.5x
6th 12x

Area Reduction

As time passes, the area will soon reduce in size. As the area reduces, so will the playable area. When the playable area shrinks, players will have no choice but to engage. There are certain times when the battle area will begin shrinking and a specific amount of time to move on to the next area. The game will indicate how far you are from the blue line, and how long until the area begins shrinking again.

Frequency Safe Area Shrinking Time Start Time To Escape
 1st 1 min 30 sec 6 mins 30 sec 5 mins
2nd  11 mins 30 sec 14 mins 50 sec 2 mins 20 sec
3rd 17 mins 10 sec 19 mins 40 sec 1 min 30 sec
4th 21 mins 10 sec 23 mins 10 sec 1 min
5th  24 mins 10 sec 26 mins 10 sec 40 sec
6th 26 mins 50 sec 28 mins 20 sec 30 sec

Red Area

The Red Area is the place where a bombing will occur. Any player caught within the area will be obliterated. However, there are ways to avoid the bombing, such as hiding in houses. While hiding in a house, stay away from any windows and doors which also inflict damage on the player if within range. Also, if the house is made of wood, it will only withstand 1-2 barrages before leaving the player vulnerable to the bombing.

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