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This article contains information, tips, and tricks on how to choose vehicles and what vehicle to choose in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds [PUBG].


Vehicles are what allow players to quickly move around the map. However, they are also capable of becoming terrifying weapons. As some players resort to guns, the vehicles can also function as shields. As long as the car is completely closed off, the players can use the car as a shield to prevent taking damage. However, it only lasts for awhile before the glass shatters. Once the glass shatters, the player driving becomes susceptible to gunfire.

Below are the top vehicles, the number of passengers it can accommodate, and its description.

List of Vehicles

Rank Vehicle Name Description
1 Jeep Capable of withstanding damage from small arms.

Closed off.

Capable of carrying 5 people.

2 UAZ Closed Top Hybrid of the Buggy and Jeep

Completely covered (exterior).

Capable of holding five people.

Doesn’t have much exterior armor.

Consumes a lot of gas.

3 UAZ Open Top

Hybrid of the Buggy and Jeep.

Unlike the UAZ Closed Top, it’s open and leaves players vulnerable to snipers.

Capable of holding five people.

Doesn’t have much exterior armor.

 Consumes a lot of gas.

4 Dacia 1300 Land vehicle

Capable of holding 5 people.

This vehicle is not recommended for off-road terrain.

It being a rear-wheel drive makes it incapable of climbing hills or going off road.

Ideal for escapes especially on the streets.

5 Motorcyle with Sidecar This vehicle has a holding capacity of three (3) people.

Fastest among the land cars; it also has good traction. This makes it versatile on both road and off-road.

It consumes less gas.

Open exterior; this vehicle has little armor – making the player susceptible to fire.

This vehicle is quite susceptible to shotgun or assault rifle fire.

6 PG117 Fastest water vehicle.

This vehicle has an open exterior, leaving players susceptible to snipers and assault rifles.

Serves as a means to escape enemies quickly especially if they cannot follow on water.

Capable of holding 5 people.

7 Buggy The buggy is a light form of transportation, making it fast.

However, the Buggy has open frames and makes one susceptible to gun fire.

It’s capable of only holding 2 people.

8 Motorcycle Good for slipping away.

Good for fast travel.

Susceptible to gunfire.

Capable of holding 2 people.

New Vehicle: Truck

As of now, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds [PUBG] hasn’t introduced this vehicle yet. However, the developers are planning to soon add this vehicle. Despite its slow speed and lumbering size, this vehicle is capable of shielding players from heavy fire. However, this car many not be useful on a get away or a cross fire as it reduces a player’s mobility.

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