[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds / PUBG] Movement Speed

This article contains a reference for the Movement Speed in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). It lists the Movement Speed according to Position and Weapon equipped.

Movement Speed

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Movement Speed is dependent on two factors namely: Stance and Weapon equipped. For ease of reference, the baseline for Stance is the Standing Sprint (Shift + Directional Key) whereas the baseline for Weapon is Unarmed. The Speed is an average of the tests done in-game, with the values measured in m/s.


This table provides a breakdown of the Stance and the corresponding Performance and Speed.

Sprint is executed by using Shift + Directional Key, Run is performed by using the Directional Key, and Walk is done by using CTRL + Directional Key.

Stance Performance Speed
Standing Sprint Baseline 6.3 m/s
Crouch Sprint 24% Slower 4.8 m/s
Standing Run 25% Slower 4.7 m/s
Crouch Run 46% Slower 3.4 m/s
Standing Walk 72% Slower 1.7 m/s
Crouch Walk 79% Slower 1.3 m/s
Crawling 81% Slower 1.2 m/s


This table provides a breakdown of the currently equipped Weapon and the corresponding Performance and Speed.

Weapon Performance Speed
Unarmed Baseline 6.3 m/s
Pistol 0.3% Faster 6.32 m/s
Melee 0.1% Slower 6.3 m/s
Throwables 0.1% Slower 6.29 m/s
SMG 2.3% Slower 6.15 m/s
Crossbow 4.5% Slower 6.01 m/s
Assault Rifle 4.6% Slower 6.01 m/s
Sniper Rifle 4.8% Slower 5.99 m/s
Shotgun 6.1% Slower 5.91 m/s

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