PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds / PUBG - Beginner’s Guide

Basic Strategies, Do's and Dont's, Tips and Tricks for New Players

Beginner's Guide for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), including basic game mechanics, strategies, and tips and tricks for new players

Beginner’s Guide

Choosing Your Drop-off Point

At the start of every match, you will need to parachute from a military aircraft that is flying a fixed course. For new players, it may be hard to decide where to drop off. An area with a high spawn rate for the best weapons and equipment, for example, could be a tempting choice. The problem is that most veteran players will also be lurking there and are likely to know very good hiding and camping spots to take you out easily.

As a general rule, any location that has many military-grade weapons and equipment will be very rough starting points, as most experienced players typically want to get them first. These areas include B10:K7 (Geogopol Shipping Yard), E1:L2 (School Area south of Rozhok), D3: J6 (Gun Range, southwest of Severny) and the very popular but dangerous E4: O2 (Sosnovka Military Base). If you’re just learning the game, it is a good idea to stay away from these spots first.

Below are some of the beginner-friendly zones in the game. They will not always be free from any hostiles, but they are likely to be less dangerous than areas with a lot of good weapons lying around.

  • F4:N8 (West of Novorepnoye) – The town Novorepnoye has a lot of military-grade weapons and equipment (and therefore enemies), though just west of it isn’t as popular a starting point as the other areas. The location also has some bridges that serve as choke points, so proceed with caution here at all times. The good thing is that other players are unlikely to be camping nearby (especially early in the game). This allows you to collect weapons and items without much fear of anyone sneaking up on you.
  • G4:L5 (Southwest of Lipovka) – A good spot with many houses where average loot can be obtained, this area is not as popular with veteran players. Once you’ve collected enough gear to protect yourself, you can choose to proceed to Lipovka (there are two car spawns near its entrance). If you choose to go to the crater from here, there is a high chance of encountering well-armed enemies.
  • F6: L8 (North of Mylta – Tunnel Bunkers) – While not entirely safe, the network of tunnels allow for easy escape when you’ve been spotted by enemies. This is a good place to collect weapons as they have a high spawn rate here.

These are just some of the (relatively) safe areas for beginners in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). For more information on the best spots obtain weapons, equipment, items and vehicles, click here.

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Choosing Which Weapons to Use

Assault Rifles

The cornerstone of any action shooting game is knowing your weapon inside and out. From the rate of fire to the recoil, it’s important to acquaint yourself with even the most basic of firearms in the game. While it is very tempting to pick up a sniper rifle and start camping, we recommend that you search for assault rifles and master them first. They are arguably the most versatile weapon type in the game, allowing you to practice precision in any distance. If you happen to come by an AKM or SCAR-L, do not hesitate to throw away your submachine gun if you do not have any more space. These two rifles offer some of the best precision and damage per shot in their class, and are very reliable early on.

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Sniper Rifles

Once you feel comfortable going for head shots, you can opt to learn sniper rifles next. Camping has its ups and downs – you are as likely to be caught off-guard waiting for an enemy than you are to catch someone else – so it is important to relocate from time to time. Using sniper rifles requires a keen understanding of good locations and how to get to them. And of course, you’ll need to consistently score headshots to make the most out of using this weapon category. If you watch for air drops, you’ll want to get your hands on the AWM. Otherwise, you’ll mostly get to pick up the Kar 98k, which is more than capable of taking out targets from a distance.

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From here on, you’ll need to decide what other weapons are most comfortable for you. Often times, you’ll need to make do with whatever weapons and equipment you’ve managed to obtain at the start of the game. Shotguns provide the most reliable damage, though only when extremely up close; the chances of actually meeting enemies head-on in a massive map are relatively low. Still, it’s useful to have an S686 or S1897 (the former boasts a better range but lower clip) before you enter a house or a narrow passage.

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Submachine Guns

If you don’t find any assault rifles at all, submachine guns and light machine guns are very viable options. It’s hard to survive if you’re only armed with a pistol, so anything better increases your chances of survival. Watch out for the M249 in air drops, which offers good damage and ammo capacity. It even has a slightly higher rate of fire than most assault rifles. Another good alternative is the Tommy Gun (also found in air drops), which has outstanding performance in close range because of its wide bullet spread.

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The humble pistol finds itself at the bottom of your priority, but it’s better than having only melee weapons available. With good accuracy, you can win encounters if you go for head shots. There is not much going for pistols at the moment, but having the R1895 can be deadly when wielded properly. It is generally better to skip the P92 which has roughly half the damage of the R1895.

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Other Survival Tips

Watch for the Blue and Red Zones in the Map

Blue Zones represent restricted areas that will make the map smaller as the game progresses. These are electrified fields of death, and should be avoided at all times. Keep an eye on the timer and make your way to the safe zone before the blue line closes in on you.  Red Zones are areas marked for bombing. Be sure to be aware of them throughout the match.

Learn to hide in the bushes

While the typical mindset is to seek shelter in houses or enclosed spaces, you should pay attention to every bush and shrub you pass by in the game. PUBG’s massive map allows for players to get creative in stalking enemies, so be on alert for anything that moves. It is possible to tuck yourself in a bush while crouching and camp there if you’re wearing equipment or clothing that acts as camouflage, particularly the Ghillie Suit. Bear in mind that there is no way to tell if any hostiles are nearby until you’re dead so make sure you learn to use your surroundings to your advantage early on.

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Almost always close the door (and watch for houses and buildings with open doors)

When you enter a house or a building, it is generally a good idea to close the door behind you. This is to prevent other players from knowing that someone is inside. Likewise, get ready with a shotgun when you enter a house or building with a open door.

Mobility is the Key to Survival

Not all encounters must be met with firing shots of your own. If you haven’t spotted the player who shot you, it is best to run for cover first and patch yourself up. At the moment of being hit, run for shelter (a tree, behind a rock, or to the other room) in a zigzag motion first. You’ll get your chance to take out your shooter if you’re still alive. Note that in order to properly execute this strategy, it is important to learn how to keep moving while dragging items to your inventory to use.

Unequip your Weapon to Move Faster

Pressing the X key to unequip your weapon will allow you to move faster if you’re out of bullets and being fired at. This tactic is also useful when running from the blue circle in the map.

Please note that we are still in the process of adding more information to this article. Check back regularly for updates as we continue to play the game.

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