[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds/ PUBG] Squad Play Strategies

This article contains information, tips, and tricks on how a player can fight as a Squad in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds [PUBG].

Squad Play Strategies

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds [PUBG], players can choose to either play by themselves or bring in friends. There are two play modes for cooperative play: duo or squad. As a squad, the team can accommodate at least 4 players to form a squad. As the players form a squad, there are also several strategies to perform while fighting as a squad.

Role Assignment Strategy

The Role Assignment strategy is based on the players’ play styles. The problem with this strategy is it doesn’t work well if the player is not sure how to play. It also doesn’t work well if the players deviate from the plan. With four players, each player will then be assigned a role:

  • Scout – The Scout role is the one is often found roaming the area. This role is recommended for players who know the area well and are capable of detecting things far away. The scout can also play the role of the scavenger by picking up materials and equipment for the team. As much as possible, they do not confront the enemy but instead inform their squadmates where the rest of the enemies are. They are also the ones who are to find a place to camp.
  • Sniper – The Sniper often plays from a vantage point, hiding among the trees or buildings. Players who play this role must be knowledgeable in vantage points and also must take note of patterns far away. They are often the ones who aid the Scouts. Often times, their weapons involve using Sniper Rifles.
  • Guard – This role is meant for players who don’t move very far but are capable of skirmishing defensively. As they guard a particular landmark, they are the ones who also lure most of the fire. They also set-up certain enemies to allow the Sniper or the Assassin to kill them.
  • Assassin – These are meant for people who are solely meant for killing. They also are the ones who partner up with the Guard to prevent them from taking too much damage. They often wield Assault Rifles.

However, this strategy doesn’t mean that players assigned these roles stick solely to them. While it does give a structured strategy, it may not leave much room for the players to adjust. This allows the enemies to know which one to focus down should things go wrong.

Focus Fire Strategy

The Focus Fire Strategy, or “FF”, has the players focusing on pure offense. The squad can move around similarly to a pack of wolves in which they can corner off single targets and take them down quickly. However, the main issue with this strategy is when the enemy has a talented sniper. Because the group travels as a pack, it leaves them more open to incoming attacks especially since they focus more on offense. Hence, Focus Fire Strategy requires players to become “slippery” to prevent themselves from losing members. They also have to stick together in order to immediately revive their fallen members.

2-on-2 Split

The 2-on-2 Split is where the squad splits into pairs to cover more ground. This particular strategy grants the pairs cover fire and it also allows them to tell the other pair if they found a place with more loot. However, the problem with this strategy may involve being outnumbered and cornered by an enemy squad. Especially when the enemy utilizes the Focus Fire Strategy, the 2-on-2 split will lose out based on numbers. However, the 2-on-2 split can also work with a Bait and Switch Strategy.

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