PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds / PUBG - Submachine Guns (SMG) Stats and Strategy Guide

This article contains a Submachine Guns (SMG) Stats and Strategy Guide in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG). It includes Weapon Stats, basic information, and Strategy, as well as Magazine and Scope Attachments.

Submachine Guns (SMG) Stats and Strategy Guide

Best employed for close-range encounters, the Submachine Guns (SMG) share the same accuracy with Pistols with the benefit of the Assault Rifle’s fire rate. Despite their lackluster accuracy, the amount of ammunition that can be expelled after repeated bursts is more than enough to land a clean hit regardless of the enemy’s positioning.

Submachine Guns (SMG) range from the KRISS Vector, and the Micro Uzi, both of which appreciate Magazine attachment to raise its carrying capacity, to those with decent stability such as the UMP 9, and the Tommy Gun. For the Micro Uzi, be sure to acquire the stock attachment for stability however do not expect it to deal hits when going beyond 15m. One of the notable weapons is the UMP 9 whose Damage is comparable to an Assault Rifle’s yet only requires 9mm bullets to function. This SMG offers superior stability when paired with the foregrip attachment as it will offer accuracy even when strafing.

Another SMG is the Tommy Gun known for its fast fire-rate and high magazine capacity. Its opportunity to shine however fails due to scarcity of ammunition which shares with the P1911. As a result, take it as a last resort since the above mentioned weapons can take out enemies more reliably once you acquire the recommended Mod attachments.

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There are a handful of attachments compatible with the Submachine Guns (SMG). These range from Magazines to Scopes with various effects. Below is a list of the recommended attachments for the Submachine Guns (SMG).

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Extended Mag (for KRISS Vector and Micro Uzi)

Extended Mag for KRISS Vector, Micro Uzi
Type Capacity  Effect
Magazine 13 Increase Magazine Capacity
KRISS Vector Size: 25 (Default +12)

Suppressor (for Micro Uzi and UMP)

Suppressor for Micro Uzi and UMP 9
Type  Capacity Effect
Muzzle 10 Reduces Firing Sound
Reduces Deviation (-5.00%)

Vertical Foregrip (for KRISS Vector and UMP 9)

Vertical Grip for KRISS Vector and UMP 9
Type  Capacity Effect
Grip 10 Improves Stability
Reduces Recoil Pattern (-20.00% )
Reduces Horizontal Recoil (-20.00%)
Quickens ADS (+10.00%)

Stock (for Micro Uzi)

Stock for Micro Uzi
Type Bulk Effect
Stock 10 Grants better accuracy and Stability
Reduces Recoil Pattern (-20.00%)
Reduces Vertical Recoil (-20.00%)
Adds Recoil Recovery (+15.00%)

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