PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds / PUBG - Vaulting and Climbing Coming to PUBG: News

PUBG announced multiple test phases for vaulting and climbing in addition to the new desert map. PC 1.0 and Xbox Game Preview launch details also discussed.

Vaulting and Climbing, Desert Map Coming to Test Server

In preparation for “a very stable official launch,” PUBG is rolling out a slew of features over the course of several phases on the test server.  Prominent among those features is the new ability to vault and climb, which “will have a huge impact on the game” and thus requires “at least a month” to test.  Currently, PUBG projects that players will be able to vault and climb on test servers beginning in late October or early November, with updates soon to come.

According to their announcement, PUBG plans on conducting three test phases.  There will be no updates to live servers in between so as to maintain a stable service.  The 1st phase focuses solely on testing vaulting and climbing, with the 2nd phase adding “other new content and features.”  The 3rd and final test phase introduces the desert map among the new features.  As for what some of the other new content and features may be, the announcement mentions “new vehicles and 3D replay” in the first paragraph.

New Servers, Modes Added

PUBG added the KR and JP servers, complete with all modes.  This news is certainly exciting for my Japanese colleagues, who have complained about the glut of cheating Chinese players on the Asia server. Meanwhile, the development team will add First-Person Squad modes to SA, SEA, and OCE.  As it was the most played around the world, FPP Squad mode was the obvious choice to add first.

Road to Launch

With plans to release PC 1.0 and Xbox Game Preview by the end of the year, PUBG is focusing on stabilizing and optimizing the launch build.  That explains why they are unwilling to deploy multiple patches to the live server before fully testing them.  As for now, they’re releasing a small patch to live servers – the last until the official launch – and promising upcoming announcements regarding their plans (including schedules for the test phases).

It seems as though the first official version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – complete with new abilities, modes, and features – is finally within reach.  Here’s hoping that they can stay on schedule.

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