[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds / PUBG] Equipment List

This page contains an equipment list of all available equipment found in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds including backpacks, helmets, vests, clothing and other accessories.

Equipment list Summary

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Accessories other than backpacks, helmets, vests only change a character’s appearance and will not provide any added effects like armor protection. However, items can still affect your visibility in game so you should choose your clothing appropriately. You should also be aware of matching your clothing to the surrounding area. Avoid any bright-colored clothing as you will easily be spotted by enemies even when you’re behind bushes. Although clothing may not provide you with any protection from enemies, having the right kind set


name Capacity Extension Remarks
Utility Belt +50 Can be equipped together with a backpack at the same time.
Backpack (level 1) +150
Backpack (level 2) +200
Backpack (level 3) +250


Name Durability Damage Reduction
Bike Helmet (Level 1) 80 30%
Military Helmet (level 2) 150 40%
Spetsnaz Helmet (level 3) 230 55%
  • Each time the level of a helmet goes up, its durability and damage reduction also increases.
  • Color does not affect the durability nor the damage reduction of a helmet.
  • Wearing a helmet will allow you to take less damage from headshots.
  • The durability of a helmet decreases as it soaks up the damage. The helmet will be destroyed once its durability reaches zero.


Name Durability Damage Reduction Rate Capacity Extension
Police Vest (Level 1) 200 30% +50
Police Vest (Level 2) 220 40% +50
Military Vest (level 3) 250 55% +50
  • Vests reduce damage taken from your upper body.
  • Vests do not only reduce damage intake, but also provided added capacity to your inventory.

Other Accessories

Name Area Used
Hat Head
Sunglasses Eye
Glasses (Punk) Eye
Rimless Sunglasses Eye
Gas Mask (Full) Face
Gas Mask (Half) Face
Fingerless Gloves Hand
Tank Top Upper Body
Shirt Upper Body
T-shirt Upper Body
Long Sleeved T-shirt Upper Body
Coat Outerwear
Padded Jacket Outerwear
Trench Coat Outerwear
Ghillie Suit Outerwear
Battle Pants Lower Body
Work Boots Leg
Boots Leg
Sneakers Leg

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