[Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds / PUBG] Air Drops Weapon List

This page contains a list of all obtainable weapons in Air Drop events in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) for PC, PS4, and Xbox ONE which includes s, stats, and usage.

Air Drops Weapon List

What are Air Drops?

In game at times, a red container sometimes falls from the sky during the match. This container is a supply of various weapons, equipment, and items packed randomly.

Supplies are dropped somewhere in the safe zone / playable zone from an airplane crossing the island in a straight line.

Check your surroundings when you hear the sound of the airplane nearing. A parachute is attached to the container and it falls down slowly.

While it’s descending, you’ll find that the bottom of the crate is shining, and that a red smoke rises after landing for you to easily find it.

Supplies can be obtained randomly from the box as well.

Note: there are very powerful weapons and equipment that can only be obtained via this method. Because of this, please pay attention to enemies who also want to obtain the weapons in the supply container. 

Also note that the weapons will have their corresponding ammo.

Weapons and Items Available through Air Drop

Name Classification Remarks
Groza AR Supplied material limited
Tommy Gun SMG Supplied material limited
M249 LMG Supplied material limited
AWM SR Supplied material limited
M24 SR Supplied material limited
Kar 98k SR
4 x scope Attachment
8 x scope Attachment
15 x scope Attachment Supplied Material Limited
Guillaume Equipment Supplied Material Limited
Spetznaz Helmet Lv. 3 Equipment
Military Vest Lv. 3 Equipment
Backpack Lv. 3 Equipment Camouflage Color only for Supplementary Supplies
Medical Kit Consumable
Adrenaline Injection Cosnumable

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