[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds / PUBG] 5 Vital Things You Need To Do Early Game

This article contains 5 vital things a player needs to do early game in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This also includes certain strategies that may help.

5 Vital Things You Need To Do Early Game

As a beginner-level player or even a veteran, there are some vital things a player must do during early game. As the player enters the arena, combat doesn’t just start. There are some things that the player must do. These things are absolutely vital; as some of these actions can save the player from certain death.

Here are the 5 vital things a player needs to do early game:

Vital Thing#1: Examine the environment

As the player descends into the area, take note of the environment. The environment is what can shape the battle. Are there many buildings? These buildings can serve as a hiding spot for many campers. Are there bushes? Some players may lie in wait in the bushes. Are there nearby cars? Then, expect players to try and run people over. Knowing one’s terrain can definitely save the player’s life especially in this kind of game.

Vital Thing#2: Find a weapon

Never run around without a weapon. This makes one vulnerable against other players. While other players are equipping assault rifles, make sure that one has a weapon that can match the range. Melee and Ranged weapons can make a large difference especially in a large battlefield.

Vital Thing#3: Know your strategy but expect it to change

Even if the environment is constant, player combat behaviour is not. Therefore, one’s strategy should not stay constant either. If the player sticks to a constant strategy then, it will make the player come out predictable and lower one’s survivability. Hence, coming up with a plan B to plan Z is one of the best ways to win.

Vital Thing#4: Watch the time

Because the battle area has a time mechanic, watching the time will save the player’s life. As time goes by, the battle area tends to shrink. If the player catches himself outside the safe area then, the player will take on penalty damage. The longer the player stays outside the battle area, the more penalty damage one takes.

To find out the time and amount of damage for battle area mechanics, click here.

Vital Thing#5: Observe the speed of players being killed

As the players are being killed off, this will give the player a chance to figure out the skill level of his opponent. This also helps the player realize that he will soon become the hunted. Thus, observing the speed may help one process and create a proper strategy to match the other opponents and win the match.

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