[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds/ PUBG] LMG Stats and Strategy Guide

This article contains a guide on  LMG Stats and Strategy Guide in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). It includes Weapon Stats, basic information, and Strategy, as well as Sights and Scope Attachments.

[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds/ PUBG] LMG Stats and Strategy Guide

Magazine Power Effective Range
100 44 B
Stability Obtainability Rating


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LMGs have high rates of fire and were the lighter versions of the machine gun. They were used as an alternative for providing mobility and heavy firepower for infantry. LMGs can greatly press enemies against their backs with its high rate of fire with a hundred bullets to spare.

They provide fantastic cover for your teammates in duo and squad while your allies reload or retreat. Keep in mind though that you are very susceptible to flanking from your sides with your low mobility. You should position yourself well to use your LMGs properly particularly in areas where enemies come from only one side like bridges.

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You can attach sights (Red Dot Sight, Holographic Sight) and scopes (2x Aimpoint Scope, 4x ACOG Scope, 8x CQBSS Scope) to your M249. Here are the stats of those below.

Red Dot Sight

Dot Sight
Type Capacity  Effect
Sight 10 Applies a Red Sight (customizable)
Quickens ADS (+20.00%)

Holographic Sight

Holographic Sight
Type  Capacity Effect
Sight 10 Applies Holographic Sight
Quickens ADS (+20.00%)

2x Aimpoint Scope

Red Dot Sight
Type Effect
Scope Magnifies vision by 1.80x
Quickens ADS (+10.00%)

4x ACOG Scope

Red Dot Sight
Type  Capacity Effect
Scope 15 Magnifies vision by 4.00x

8x CQBSS Scop

Red Dot Sight
Type  Capacity Effect
Scope 25 Magnifies vision by 7.25x

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