[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds/ PUBG] Vehicle Driving Strategies

This page contains strategies on vehicle driving that includes what you must do and not do when using a vehicle in UnknownPlayer’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

Vehicle Driving Strategies

It’s Risky in the Open

Unless you wanna be a sitting duck against multiple players by driving through the open, it’s best if you plan your route well. Being out in the open means a lot of enemies will see a huge vehicle driving around the vicinity. You will be spotted and you will draw attention from the other players. Be mindful of where you’re going as a field with no obstructions whatsoever may be perfect for driving, but not for a free for all battleground. You should use your vehicle wisely and slowly trek down in covered dense forests as you would primarily use your vehicle for fast modes of transportation.

You Can Be Heard from Miles

Remember that you are driving a machine so you will be heard from miles away while you are doing so. So you are not only visibly felt, but can be heard from a distance as well. You’re going to draw large amounts of attention from the racket you are causing and will be hunted down. Vehicles will be most effective at taking down single enemies and vehicles attract a lot of attention.

Chase Down and Take Down

It’s best to use your vehicles to chase and kill fleeing enemies. As long as you are sure that there are no multiple enemy players in the surrounding area, you can freely wreak havoc by running down the other enemy. Vehicles are used mostly for fast transportation, escaping red zones and going to playable areas on time, and chasing down or even running over, escaping enemies.

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