[PlayerUnknown’s Battleground / PUBG] UAZ Closed Top Vehicle Strategy Guide

This article contains information about the UAZ Closed Top vehicle in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground [PUBG]. We’ll add more information as soon as we find more information.

UAZ Closed Top


UAZ Open Top
Maximum Speed Body Durability Tire Durability No. of Seats
95 km / h 100 Five


  • The UAZ Closed Top is a versatile vehicle which is a fusion of the Jeep and the Buggy. It retains the Jeep’s speed but is open similar to the Buggy. As it is similar to the Jeep, it’s capable of running off-road unlike the Dacia 300.
  • Unlike the UAZ Open Top, the car has a covered exterior while retaining the speed of the Buggy. This makes it a far better defensive vehicle unlike its Open Top cousin.
  • The UAZ Closed Top, similar to its Open Top cousin, has the same speed and can accommodate the same amount of people. This car is perfect for those who wish to run as a squad instead or running solo.
  • The UAZ however is not a covert vehicle. Because of the loud sound it makes as it runs around, players often abandon the car outside a populated area.
  • It can serve as a get-away car assuming that the player intends to snipe from the hills or behind the trees.
  • This vehicle cannot take a heavy amount of fire. To disable a UAZ Close Top, players would often throw a grenade to completely obliterate the said vehicle.
  • This car is recommended to refuel due to it being vehicle an “Closed” vehicle.
    • It being a closed vehicle means that it can shield the player from incoming gunfire.
    • Because of its closed exterior, it can protect the player while he/she is refueling the vehicle.
    • When completely refueled, players can use this vehicle to run over players as they can withstand a certain degree of gunfire without taking too much damage.
  • There are two kinds: steel cover and cloth cover.

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