[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds / PUBG] Useful Tips and Tricks | Hidden Mechanics, Exploits, Glitches, Secrets, Overlooked Features

This page contains useful tips and tricks in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), including hidden mechanics, exploits, glitches, secrets, overlooked features and other information about the game that beginners and experienced may or may not know. Please note that we will continue to update this page as we discover more things in the game.

Useful Tips and Tricks

General Information

  • The price of the Pioneer Crate increases with every purchase, though it resets every Monday.
  • Unchecking the auto-matching option in the lobby will allow you to join a squad on your own
  • The Lobby Area located at the upper right of the map can be visited again by using a boat. However, there are no usable weapons and items there, so it is really no use to go back.
  • The safe zone will become significantly smaller towards the final stages of the match, so nearly the entire map will be inaccessible by then.

Parachuting (Drop-Off)

  • The parachute automatically opens when you descend to a certain altitude
  • You can check your altitude better by going into first-person view. Just press V when you’re parachuting to see how low you are already.

During Gameplay

  • Male and female characters have the same hit points in the game.
  • In Duo and Squad Mode, your partner or team mates can be revived if they get killed.
  • You can tell if anyone has entered or left a house or buiding based on the direction the door is opened.
  • You can jump a little higher than usual by jumping then crouching in mid air. To do this, press Space to jump, then simultaneously press C and W. If your timing is right, you will be able to jump higher than you would normally to reach higher platform.
  • Shooting from the hip (third-person view) has less accuracy than if you shoot from first-person.
  • Bullets will not hit anything under the water. When firing at swimming enemies, make sure that you hit them where parts of their body are just above the surface. Grenades, however, are not affected by this mechanic.
  • Barehanded attacks (punches) are affected by the head shot mechanic. This means that enemies will take more damage if you punch them in the head.
  • Punches are also do more damage if you do them while jumping. Without any armor on the target, you will do around 29 damage on the body and 80 damage on the head.
  • You can hit downed opponents with a punch even from a standing position.

Weapons and Items

  • If you try to move while using an item, it will be canceled. There is no problem however if you try to change directions (looking around). This also applies when you are trying to revive team mates.
  • You can hotkey up to 5 throwing weapons so you don’t need to open the inventory to use them.
  • Throwing grenades will explode after 5 seconds as soon as you enter the throwing animation.
  • The frying pan is capable of deflecting bullets if you store it on your back.
  • You can destroy car tires by punching them.

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