[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds / PUBG] Ammunition List

This page contains an ammunition list for all weapons found in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds(PUBG) including ammunition name, applicable weapons and ammunition weight.  

Ammunition List by Corresponding Weapons

PUBG Ammunition List

This table sorts the applicable weapons with each ammunition type and the amount of space it takes up on your inventory.

Ammunition Name Applicable weapons Bulk
.300 Magnum AWM 1.0
.45 ACP Tommy Gun, KRISS Vector, P 1911 0.4
12 gauge S1897, S686, S12K 1.2
5.56 mm M 16 A 4, M 416, SCAR-L, M 249 0.5
7.62 mm Kar98k, M24, R1895 0.7
9 mm Micro Uzi, UMP 9, P 92 0.375
Bolt for crossbow Crossbow 2.0

Ammunition List by Weapon Type

This table sorts the ammunition for each weapon by weapon type.

Assault Rifle  Ammunition
AKM 7.62 mm
Groza 7.62 mm
M16A4 5.56 mm
M416 5.56 mm
SCAR-L 5.56 mm
Submachine Gun Ammunition
Micro Uzi 9 mm
UMP 9 9 mm
Tommy Gun .45 ACP
KRISS Vector .45 ACP
Light Machine Gun Ammunition
M249 5.56 mm
Shotgun Ammunition
S1897 12 gauge
S686 12 gauge
S12K 12 gauge
Sniper Rifle Ammunition
AWM .300 Magnum
KAR 98K 7.62 mm
M24 7.62 mm
VSS 9 mm
Marksman Rifle Ammunition
SKS 7.62 mm
Bow Ammunition
Crossbow Bolt

Weapon Performance List

Other Weapons

Assault Rifles Submachine Guns Light Machine Guns
Shotguns Sniper Rifles DMRs
Other weapons
Pistols Melee Weapons Grenades
Attachments Ammunition Crossbow

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