PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds / PUBG - Recommended Graphics Settings / How to get the Fastest Gameplay

This is a Playerunknown's Battlegrounds  article. In this page, we will introduce how to play the game in the most efficient graphic settings possible.

This page contains a guide on recommended graphics settings in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). In this page, we will introduce how to play the game in the fastest and most efficient way possible. While you play PUBG and experience very slow gameplay because of the graphic settings, change to this setting by referring to this page to play the game comfortably.

Recommended Graphic Settings

Setting items Recommended setting
Screen scale 100
Antialiasing Ultra
Post process Very low
Shadow Very low / Middle+
Texture Very low
Effect Very low
Vegetation Very low
Show Distance Ultra
Motion Blur None

Graphic Settings

If your PC performs very well, the game will play very well without reducing the graphics settings. 

Since the eye rate becomes less fatigued as the framerate becomes stable, it’s better to look for a stable framerate.

By reducing the graphics settings, you’ll improve the field of view and find enemies easily.


Anti-aliasing is a function to smoothly display the fine parts of an image. PUBG uses the “Fast Approximate” technology developed by NVIDIA.

This technology is for displaying images clearly without putting too much load on the GPU, so it doesn’t affect the frame rate that much. When Anti-Aliasing is low, the boundaries of leaves and hair look a lot more jagged and coarse.

It’s best to turn this up all the way to Ultra because enemies on rooftops on distant buildings are jagged and pixelated, making it hard to see.

Post Process

A setting that the graphic card later applies to the image once processed. If this is set to  high, the character becomes semi transparent and blurry. 

If this is set to a low setting, the character is clearly displayed, and it is possible to check your surroundings while collecting goods.

When emphasizing framerate and searching for weapons, very low post processing is recommended.


The shadow is the setting that affects the frame rate the most.

Very low and too tight, ultra is characterized by being too dark. Since this applies to all trees and leaves, it becomes considerably heavy for the GPU, so lower the setting one-by-one according to the performance of the PC and adjust it.

We recommend very low settings for the shadow, but when you set it to middle and up, you’ll see your enemy’s shadow, so it really depends on how your PC performs.


Set this to adjust the texture (that is, the detail on the surface of objects), and to consume a lot of the GPU’s VRAM. There isn’t much difference between the ultra and the middle settings, but the mountain textures do become harder to see.

The lack of details itself is overly challenging, but if you value frame rate and looking for enemies, you should put this to very low. 


This sets the effects of explosions and firing weapons. If you set this to high settings, you’ll see the flame of the molotov and smoke of the smoke grenade in very good detail. However, the frame rate drops.

It’s better to stabilize the frame rate in battle, so very low is recommended.


Settings that affect the depiction of grass and forests. When you put this to low, leaves and trees in the vicinity are not affected, but distant trees are hidden.

Since you’ll see it at a close range, there’s no point in setting this to a high setting. Very low is recommended. 

Display Distance

The display of the distance affects if you can see a scene from afar. For example, Ultra depicts a care firmly when you descend from a parachute, but it is not portrayed in low settings.

There are cases when you look through scopes that you’ll see enemies in the distance, but they were apparently in buildings that did not render.

Therefore, Ultra is recommended, although it will affect the frame rate a bit. 

Motion Blur

This setting places an afterimage effect that causes the moving object to look shaky. Although it looks realistic and impressive, it’s easy to feel sick because of it. If you put this in, you will not be able to play because you will have poor visibility while moving the camera. 

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