PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Camping: Tips and Tricks

Camping Tips and Tricks

Camping Tips and Tricks

Camping is a term used in shooting games where the player stays hidden in an area. While staying hidden, he either waits for his opponents defeat each other. Or, he takes down any enemy that’s within his line of sight. For camping, here are some tips and tricks that may work.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Camping

Tip#1: Arm yourself with a lot of ammo and solid guns.

While sniping out enemies, the player needs to make sure he has good aim. Also, that he has a lot of bullets. Players don’t stand still and taking out moving targets may force the player to use up his ammunition. If one plans to camp in a particular area, examine the area for any ammunition so that your pool won’t be eaten up when you kill your prey. If there isn’t much ammunition on your person, you might have a trouble when firefights come from unsuspecting looters.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Camping

Tip#2: Stay hidden!

The number one rule about camping is about staying hidden. Camping out in the open not only leaves the player open to getting sniped. But it also leaves the player open to being steam-rolled by a car. However, this may also have an opposite effect. With the concept of Reverse Psychology in mind, players may draw closer. Thus, giving the camping player the chance to take them off as they charge towards the player.

Good places to hide inside buildings are rooms without windows, bathtubs that lean away from windows, closets, and often unseen corners. Outside, however, use bushes and grass, as well as trees and stones to your advantage. If you have access to a Ghillie Suit, it’s best to use it outside in the grass or the bushes. Of note also are grassy hills that allow you to have a clear shot against enemies coming up or down the hill. Note that these places can be exploited by your enemies once your cover is blown. Always remember Tip #4 and Tip #5.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Camping

Tip#3: Take note of the time

One of the interesting mechanics of PUBG is that the battleground shrinks. As the the battleground shrinks, players are forced to draw closer to the playable area. The developers integrated this mechanic into the game to prevent campers and to prevent games from taking too long to finish. Thus, if a player is a camper, make sure one takes note of the time to find another safe spot to camp. Make sure your camping spot is very near to the white circle so you can make a safe getaway once the blue circle starts to draw closer and closer and closer.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Camping

Tip#4: Have another weapon on hand

Rule of thumb: shotguns for interiors and close range, assault rifles and snipers (or DMRs) for long-ranged kills while camping. Make sure you have adequate ammunition for each.

Note: do not use shotguns except in first person. That’s a story for another day, but just don’t. The crosshair is very inaccurate in third person.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Camping

Tip#5: Keep Moving

The problem with camping is that the player must stay stationary, making him a prime target for any careful pro. Once discovered, it takes away the camper’s element of surprise. Henceforth, campers who feel that they have been discovered move to another place. Another weakness of camping is the little margin for mistake. Once the bullet misses, it immediately gives away the camper’s location. Hence, as a camper, run after making that one shot. Make sure you know where your getaway would be.

Of note: some people will intentionally look for loot in places they know had a recent kill. This accentuates the necessity of moving to another good camping spot. Make sure you weapons have suppressors so that they can nab hits without causing too much noise. Your enemies will have a harder time to hear your gunfire with a silencer, but all the same you can still be heard.

You can read all about campers on this link.

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