Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Battle System

Overview and guide about the battle system of Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PS5 and PS4, including a description of each party member's battle style and other mechanics.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Battle System

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Battle System

Here is an overview and guide about Yakuza: Like a Dragon’s battle system. Unlike the previous titles, Yakuza: Like a Dragon implements a turn-based battle style instead of a action-based beat ’em up style. However, party members and enemies are not in static position and can freely move while they wait for the player’s command.

Battle System Basics

1) Player decides for the attack type

Select a party member and choose the attack he/she will perform. The player can choose between a normal attack or a special technique.

2) Enemy’s position will influence the battle

There will be enemies positioned near each other. If you attack an enemy covered by another enemy, you attack will most likely be blocked. Also, if one of your party members is close to an enemy, he/she will chase after the enemy while waiting for the command.

In addition, when you successfully hit an enemy with a technique, you can follow-up with an “engagement attack’ that can also damage other enemies. Whenever techniques are available, make use of them to win the battle quickly.

3)  Pick up objects to hurt enemies greater

Most battles will occur within streets and so you will spot objects that can be picked up to hit enemies even more. This is staple for the Yakuza series and you can grab objects such as bicycles or signboards.

4) Take advantage of the surroundings

If you are fighting enemies near the road, you can lure the enemies in order to get hit by a running car.

5) Approach enemies to start a battle

To initiate a battle, approach enemies with “?” above their heads. With this, you can freely decide when to battle. However, you will end up facing strong enemies if you are always skipping other mobs that should have helped your party in terms of level increase.

Character-Specific Battle Styles

Below is a short description of the battle styles of the initial party members in Yakuza: Like a Dragon:


Ichiban Kasuga, the Part-Time Hero

The main character, Ichiban Kasuga, is physical fighter that integrates his bat weapon to his moves. You can make Kasuga learn more single-target and ranged bat attacks. Kasuga can also learn support abilities that can increase the morale of other party members, including their attack power and HP recovery.

Yu Nanba, the Homeless

The homeless man, Yu Nanba, fighting style is similar to a wizard. His attacks involves making use of doves and breath attacks to damage the enemy. Nanba is not good in physical attacks so capitalize on his magic attacks to match the weakness of the enemy.

Saeko Mukouda, the Chimama

The Chimama, Saeko Mukouda, specializes on abnormal status effects such as blinding the opponent. She can also deal physical damage using her purse by swinging them against the enemy. Lastly, she can integrate her yoga moves to her advantage.

Koichi Adachi, the Former Detective

The former detective, Koichi Adachi, is another physical fighter incorporates his batons and big body. Use Koichi to shave down the opponent’s health in high numbers. He can also use his arrest technique to contain the prevent the movement of the enemy.

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