Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Find My Cat Side Quest

Guide for the Part-time Hero Find My Cat side quest in Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PS5 and PS4. Included also are list of missing cats, their locations, and rewards.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Part-time Hero Find My Cat Side Quest

Part-time Hero Find My Cat Side Quest

This side quest belongs to the Part-Time Hero Support Quests in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. The quest giver, Hiro, asks Ichiban Kasuga to find his 10 escaped cats.

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Side Quest
Cat Search
Locations Starting Location Rewards
  • Joban Street, Kamiuchi Station, Hamakita Park
Part-Time Hero office
(Cafe Brave Restaurant 3/F)
  • 1,000,000 yen (after finding nine cats)
  • 1,000,000 yen (after finding the 10th cat), also unlocks Robson
Unlock Conditions

Look around for cats and walk up to it for a ○ button to appear.

After finding the nine cats, report the progress to the office to claim your first reward. You’ll unlock another quest to find the last missing cat. Locate the last cat and report it one more time to claim your final reward.

All Cat Locations

Below are the detailed information on where to find the missing cats in the game. The 10th cat can only be accessed when you already found the first nine cats.

Missing Cat Location Details
1st Cat Parking Garage Go to the 2/F of the parking garage where you started the Can Quest mini game. Search behind the hatchback car to find the 1st cat.
2nd Cat Confections Go to south of Ichiban Confections. Look for the 2nd cat sitting on the green bin near the stairs.
3rd Cat LEDA building Go to the Bar District and locate the LEDA building. Find a the doorway beside the stone wall art piece. Look inside the doorway to find the 3rd cat.
4th Cat Zhou Long Distribution Go to the Liumang Gang area and reach the Zhou Long Distribution building. the weapon shop. Look the 4th cat behind the plastic red chair in the alleyway.
5th Cat Elder Home Facility Go to Hidamari Castle (between Bayside street and Daikokuten street) and proceed south to find the Elder Home Facility. While within the facility, go east and pass by the off-limits sign. Find the 5th cat on the green power box.
6th Cat MIRAI Batting Center Go north of Cafe Brave and pass by the soccer/football field in order to find the MIRAI Batting Center. Search the side to find the 6th cat beside the exhaust and plants.
7th Cat Jinnai Station Go to Kappo Katsumi Restaurant and go south to reach Jinnai Station. Look inside the fenced-in area to find the 7th cat past the silver safes containing Rough Squared Timber, Iron Broom, and Guiding Rod.
8th Cat Hamakita Park Go to Hamakita Park and reach the center. Look for the Flowers 2 Go truck and go south from it to find the 8th cat below the water fountain.
9th Cat Chinatown Area Go to the Chinatown area. Head to the south street of the cross junction. Find the 9th cat beside the Meat Bun Shop.
10th Cat Hamakita Park Return to Hamakita Park and proceed to the northeast corner to find a sloped pathway. Look for a low light post near the shrub.

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    • The 10th cat will only appear once the first 9 are found and you get the reward from the Part-time Hero guy. That will open a second quest to find the 10th cat.