Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Jo Sawashiro Boss Guide

Boss guide for Jo Sawashiro in Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PS5 and PS4. Included are an overview of the boss, main story chapter encountered, recommended level, weakness, recommended party, recommended character jobs, and strategy to beat them.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Jo Sawashiro Boss Guide

Jo Sawashiro Boss Guide

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Jo Sawashiro Boss Guide


Chapter Encountered
Level 8 (Chapter 2), 46 (Chapter 13)
Weakness Cutting, Electricity

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Strategy (Chapter 2)

Defend when Sawashiro charges up Cold Killing

Be sure to defend when you see Sawashiro wind up his Cold Killing attack which will does massive damage on his succeeding turn.

Keep your HP above 50%.

It is only possible to survive Sawashiro’s Cold Killing attack if you stay above 50% HP. Do not hesitate to use healing items as often as necessary for this.

Strategy (Chapter 13)

Sawashiro has three phases when he is fought for the last time in Chapter 13.

Phase Condition Details
Sword Beginning of the fight. Has strong ranged attack.
Cane At 2/3 HP Gains strong follow-up attack.
Sword and Cane At 1/3 HP Recovers 1,000 HP each turn.

Keep low-HP characters away from Sawashiro during his sword phase.

Characters like Saeko and Nanba should keep away from Sawashiro to avoid getting hit by his powerful Sorrow Dragon/Remorse Blade attack. Saeko and Nanba will likely die in one hit or be at extremely low health if Sawashiro targets them with the move.

Saeko Mukouda

Use Poison.

Han’s Poison Shot is extremely effective against Sawashiro as it allows him to inflict the status condition from a distance. Use it to continuously deplete his HP during the fight.

Joon-gi Han

Defense Debuffs

Having Saeko (Idol) and Zhao use Meromero Typhoon and Burning Turtle Crush respectively is good for lowering Sawashiro’s defense during his sword phase. Just be sure to stock up on Tauriner MP for when your MP gets low.

Tianyou Zhao

Just Guard during Sawashiro’s cane phase.

Be sure to use Just Guard to prevent Sawashiro from following-up with Pursuit. Otherwise, prepare to heal allies more frequently during the fight.

Deal 1,000 damage or more each turn during Sawashiro’s sword and cane phase.

Sawashiro will recover 1,000 HP each turn when he goes into his sword and can phase. You will have to outpace his healing by going all out with damage. Be sure to use defense debuffs again and attack him with Cutting and Electricity. Good moves to use against him are Extreme Satellite Laser (obtained by reaching rank 1 in Company Management) and Extreme Phantom Drive. Be sure to use Tauriner MP to maintain your offense during Sawashiro’s final phase.

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  1. I’m not sure if he’s highly resistant to poison or if I just had bad RNG, but I could not inflict poison on this guy in Ch13 even after using Poison Shot 10 times. It applied immediately each time I used it against KK in Ch14.