Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Kappture the Kappa Side Quest

Guide for the Part-time Hero Kappture the Kappa side quest in Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PS5 and PS4. Included are an overview, side quest's objectives, how to unlock, availability, and rewards.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Part-Timer Hero Kappture the Kappa Side Quest

Part-Timer Hero Kappture the Kappa Side Quest

This side quest belongs to the Part-Time Hero Support Quests in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. The quest asks Ichiban Kasuga to find 10 kappa statues within Ijincho and collect pictures.

Take a picture by approaching a statue and using the smartphone’s camera. Adjust the camera until the button to take the photo appears.

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Side Quest
Kappture the Kappa Statue
Locations Starting Location Rewards
  • Joban Street, Kamiuchi Station, Hamakita Park
Part-Time Hero office
(Cafe Brave Restaurant 3/F)
  • 2,000,000 yen
Unlock Conditions

Accomplishing the side quest will reward the protagonist a boost in his Part-Time Hero member rank.

All Kappa Statue Locations

Below are the detailed information on where to find the Kappa statues in the game.

Statue Location Details
Kappa Statue #1 Commercial District Go southwest of the Can Quest parking garage. Reach the area hitting between Sakura River street and Misaki Street. Look for the 1st statue beside the riverside.
Kappa Statue #2 Commercial District Cross the Sunrise Bridge. When you reach Sunrise Street, go south and locate Hamako’s shop (Kasuga’s former residence). Check the glass below the green awning to find the 2nd statue.
Kappa Statue #3 Red Light District Go to the back alley north of the Seiryu Clan building and southeast of Rose Blossom Cabaret. Look at the top of the stairs to find the 3rd statue behind the green fence on the stairwell. The alley is also in the northeast part of the parking garage.
Kappa Statue #4 Bar District Go inside the Survive Bar and reach the second floor. Look inside the closet to find the 4th statue.
Kappa Statue #5 Koreatown Enter the Koreatown and proceed to Yokohama Blvd Residential District. Go northeast from the Jinnai Station taxi stop. Find the 5th statue inside the elevator close to the road intersection and southwest of the Kannai Poppo.
Kappa Statue #6 North Jinnai Station Take taxi leading to the North Jinnai Station. Head northeast leading to MIRAI Batting Center. Go behind the center and see the 6th statue.
Kappa Statue #7 Hamakita Park Go to Hamakita Park and each the northeast side to find the white “Hero’s Harvest” vendor truck. Look inside the truck and see the 7th statue beside the vendor.
Kappa Statue #8 Chinatown Go to Chinatown and proceed to the side of the street where a store is located. There is a tiny break between the two buildings hiding the 8th statue.
Kappa Statue #9 Isezaki Road From Isezaki Road, enter the Ijin Alley and reach the Ijin Street. Proceed east to the Restaurant Row and reach the Naomi and Aza Cold Restaurant. Go upstairs and defeat the Liuman Gang enemies. You will see the 9th statue beside the rusty railings. (Unlocked after Chapter 5: The Refugee)
Kappa Statue #10 Koreatown Return to Koreatown and reach the Geomijul area. Go to the second flight of stairs of the apartment and look across to find the 10th statue on the opposite building. (Unlocked after Chapter 7: Spider’s Nest)

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  1. No. 5 is in the toll both by the West Jinnai Subway station. It is southwest of the Jinnai Poppo.

    No 8. “The side of a street where a store is located” I’m guessing the author meant ONE store, since it’s on the street with Yi Xing Tang the medicine shop on it. Go to the right of it on the map and it’s between the building right next to Yi Xing Tang and the building on the small intersection.