Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Yosuke Tendo Boss Guide

Boss guide for Yosuke Tendo in Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PS5 and PS4. Included are an overview of the boss, main story chapter encountered, recommended level, weakness, recommended party, recommended character jobs, and strategy to beat the boss.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Yosuke Tendo Boss Guide

Yosuke Tendo Boss Guide

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Yosuke Tendo Boss Guide


Chapter Encountered Chapter 15: End of the Rise
Level 60
Weakness Electricity

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Recommended Party

Character Recommended Job Details
Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Ichiban KasugaIchiban Kasuga Hero Raises the party’s attack power with “Brave Command”. Can also fully heal allies with Brave Love (Rank 10).
Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Tianyou ZhaoTianyou Zhao Enforcer High attack power and access to “Hangup” to exploit the boss’ weakness to electricity.
Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Yu NanbaYu Nanba Fortuneteller Access to “Ikazuchi Fortune-telling” which deals good electricity damage.
Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Saeko MukuodaSaeko Mukouda Idol Support and recovery role. “Redressing” is a good ability to use at the start of the turn to increase allies’ defenses.

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Stock up on Tauriner MP

Be sure to have a good stock of Tauriner MP before taking on Tendo as “Hangup” (Zhao) and “Ikazuchi Fortune-telling” consume a lot of MP per use. Constantly using healing skills (Saeko) will also deplete your MP fast, making Taurinet MP invaluable for the fight.

Unlock Extreme Satellite Laser (Business Management)

Reaching rank 1 in Business Management unlocks Extreme Satellite Laser for Kasuga, a very powerful attack that deals electricity damage. Using it on Tendo allows you to deal as much as 1000 damage. It does, however, cost a lot of MP so be sure to use Tauriner MP regularly throughout the fight.

Business Management Guide

Use Brave Obsession (Kasuga)

Tendo will throw out his most powerful attacks (Dragon Warning, God Warning, and Devil Warning) when his HP reaches to about half. These moves are perfectly capable to taking out any of your allies (especially low HP ones like Nanba and Saeko) in one hit. When you have reduced Tendo’s HP to half, use Kasuga’s Brave Obsession to survive the attack.

Devil Warning

It is important to keep all allies HP high at all times when Tendo’s HP has been halved. He will start to use Devil Warning which can easily do 300 damage and knock out any target quickly. Have Saeko constantly use “Musical Concert” to heal allies. Any part members targeted by Devil Warning should defend on their next turn to reduce as much damage as possible.

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  1. I didn’t do any of this, I used Kusaga’s heal the party over time ability and orbital strike, used Nambas malicious breathe to lower his attack/defense, used Eri for recovery and minor damage and used Jin for his poison and party recovery, poison lasts all match and does like 120 damage every tendo round so over time huge damage.

  2. just beat him. Hgods hand wont K.O you if you correctly guard. otherwise just keep kasuga safe with peerless resolve. widdle him down with your other characters and keep healing with saeko. punchdrunk love to lower defense and sly pose to lower his attack help a lot as well. i beat him level 50 so you can to. i used adachi and paralysis prong mostly.

    • Yep had Kasuga at over 1000 HP level 75 and he OHKO’d me after I’ve chipped him down to under a 1/4 of his health bar. This game can be so hit and miss

    • Yeah, I assume some terms were translated from the Japanese version of the game. Devil Warning for example, is called God’s Warning in the English version.

      • He has all 3 dragon is used at 100 devil is 50 and god is 25 if your on level dragon is pretty wimpy devil could probably 2 shot most of your party and gods is an instant kill if you dont guard for the most part he literally just targeted kasuga my first try and destroyed me through full dragon plate armor resistance and >700 health