Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Gold Safe Guide

Guide on how to open gold safes in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Included are an overview, ways on how to obtain gold keys, a list of gold safes, and rewards.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Gold Safe Guide

Gold Safe Guide

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Gold Safe Key

How to unlock them

Gold Safes are chests that contain precious items. These can be opened using Gold Keys. You need to perform a couple of steps to have gold keys spawn in the game. First, you need to unlock the Foreman job. Once you have switched to the class, use the ability to gain access to secret locations. Below is a list of jobs and the requirements to unlock each.

Job System

Where to find Gold Keys


A visit to koreatown offers you a way to snag a gold key for no cost at all. However, you need to keep interacting with the NPC to get him to talk.

Taxi Locations

1 After completing Chapter 5, you’ll gain access to Koreatown.
2 Use the taxi to reach the Futokocho.
3 Climb the stairs to find a man wearing a mask.
4 Speak to him many times until he starts talking for a free key.

How to buy gold keys

After unlocking the Foreman job, you need to look for one of the two hidden merchants that sell gold keys. Below is a list of each secret location and the steps on how to unlock them.

Bar District

1 Use a taxi to reach the commercial district.
2 Head southwest and use the ability to Foreman ability.
3 Enter the previously barricaded shop to find an old woman selling keys.

Isezaki Road

1 Use a taxi to reach the Seagull Cinema drop off point.
2 Follow the path past the Zhou Long shop.
3 Go upstairs to find a shack and then use the Foreman ability.
4 Check the shop to find the keys.

List of Gold Safes

Below is a list of gold safes, locations, and their rewards.


Safe Area Location Reward
1 Kamurocho
Hamakita Park
Stairs to the east Soulshield Bracelet
2 Isobe Alley
(Requires Management Mode Lv 50)
Ichiban Holdings: Search the front of the elevator Mr. Mind Cooler
3 Isobe Alley
(Reach Chapter 15)
Carriage Highway Silhouette Katana, Blesswood Armor, Courage Pendant, Gallant Binding
4 Isobe Alley West Carriage Highway: Look behind the batting cage Sanity Badge
5 Isobe Alley Restaurant Row: Check the back of the aisle to the left Health Ring
6 Isobe Alley Isobe Alley, Building 2F: Go up THE building and head to the second floor and check your left Comedy Masquerade


Safe Area Location Reward
1 Cafe Wagon
Southeast of the beach
Red Anklet, Simple Earrings
2 Steaming chamber
Check behind the columns
Pretty mic
3 Club Sega
Search the parking lot
Vintage Guitar
4 Facing the Chinese steam buns stall Rusty Gold Hammer
5 Search the aisle near La Chatte Blanche Table Sparkling
6 Hidamari Castle’s taxi drop off point: Go to the northeast corner Military Blade Vest
7 Hidamari Castle’s taxi drop off point: Go to the northwest corner Safety Boots, Soft Hat
8 Cafe Brave Cotton Pouch
9 Batting Cage
Check the back
Toy Bracelet
10 Kamichu Station Street: Check behind the second floor Nameless Sword
11 Kamiuchi Station W: Under the elevated platform Rough Square Lumber, Iron Broom, Guidance Rod
12 Hustle clothes shop: Back alley Worn-out leather shoes
13 Bar Survive: Search the parking lot, south of the taxi drop off point Sarashi
14 Isezaki: Subway passage Amulet of Fire
15 THE Building: Look around the second floor Mysterious Stone Sphere
16 Ohama Street: Check the back alley Helmet
17 Romance Workshop: Back alley Carbon Baton
18 Hello Work Rough Cane
19 Can exchange: Search above the parking area Metal Bat
20 Cape Street: Behind the main road Soothing Work Clothes


Safe Area Location Reward
1 Sotenbori Iwabashi: Under the south end God Tree Body
2 Sotenbori Sotenbori W: Search near the vending machines Mirage Coat
3 Sotenbori Bokufukucho W: Look around the back alley Rainbow Hat
4 Sotenbori Yotsuji Kaikan: Second floor Tabi of God Skin
5 Sotenbori Bokufukucho: Back alley on the southeast side Reverie Shoes


Safe Area Location Reward
1 Kamurocho New Serena (Rooftop): Check the room on the second floor Reminisce Bullet, Dragon’s Binding
2 Kamurocho
(Reach Chapter 2)
Staff room: Search the room on the third floor of the first building Dragon Fish Washcloth, Tranquil Tenugui
3 Kamurocho Tenkaichi Alley: Back alley Tiger Belt
4 Kamurocho Kamuro Theater: Roof Garden Substitute Stone
5 Kamurocho Shichifuku Street: Behind the vending machine Profane Wristband
6 Kamurocho Shichifuku Street E: Search the parking lot Curse Substitute
7 Kamurocho Champion District: Search the vacant lot Kongo Mail, Komaki Gloves
8 Kamurocho Batting Cage: Rooftop Fortune Dice
9 Kamurocho Hotel District: Behind the main road War God Talisman

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