Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Permanent Events

List of Permanent Events in Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PS5 and PS4, included are an overview and list of permanent events.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Permanent Events

Permanent Events


In Like a Dragon, the events will change depending on the sub event features while retaining the rewards and the main story. If you find an interesting option, choose it. Some events will not return until you go back to the maps. If you choose an option to progress the story, you won’t be able to choose anymore. If you wish to see many cutscenes, your best bet is to make multiple files and keep trying until you find options that won’t skip to the main story quickly.

Kasuga’s Personality stats go up depending on the choice. If you give a burning answer, his passion will go up. However, you can’t retry the cutscene once more to gain the boost.

Timed events

Although the recent title no longer has any Quick-Time-Events (QTEs), there are still cutscenes that require some planning. Preparation includes knowing when the cutscene occurs such as specific times of day dictating the places you can visit or the current progression. In other words, if there are any events that you might have missed along the way, you can continue without having to redo them again.

Treasure Chests

Treasure chests such as safes inside buildings or dungeons can only be opened while progressing the main story. Go over every nook and cranny while going through the story to boost your completion rate.

Part-time Hero Quest Rewards

Rewards can be claimed after you boost your Part-time Hero rank. To earn it, head to the Part-time Hero office and talk to the representative there. The reward pops up after you finish reading the message acknowledging your completion.

Part-time Hero Quests

Personality (Stats)

Boosting Personality stats depends on the chosen sub events. Other ways to raise the Personality include using items, playing mini games, or interacting with any of the Honk Honk Girl NPCs.

Personality Stats Guide


Despite being a role playing title, there are no difficult levels to choose from. However, the progression becomes much smoother if you accumulate plenty of money and upgrade to more powerful equipment during the early phase.

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