Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Seagull Cinema Mini Game Guide

A guide on the Movie Theater mini-game in Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PS5 and PS4. Included are the mini-game's basic mechanics, controls, game modes, list of movies, tips and strategies to win, and rewards.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Movie Theater Mini-Game Guide

Movie Theater Mini-Game Guide

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Chapter 4: Substory 8 Seagull Cinema

Where to find the movie theater

The movie theater Seagull Cinema can be found in Uminezoka in the restaurant alley in Isezaki. After entering the theater, speak to the NPCs inside to browse the movie selections. The theater can be unlocked in Substory 8 in Chapter 4.

Substory 8: Old Cinema Paradiso

How to play

The movie theater is a mini game that involves pressing buttons that appear on screen similar to rhythm games. The goal is to keep Kasuga awake until the movie ends.

Many buttons will appear on screen while Kasuga watches the movie. A meter will also appear on top to indicate the remaining stamina that Kasuga has. If the meter drops to 0, Kasuga will doze off and he will lose the mini game. Hitting the goat yields 100 points.

Movie Theater Tips

The best tactic to complete the Movie Theater is to quickly press the buttons shown on screen. Avoid pressing the wrong buttons to save Kasuga’s stamina.

Other modes

One mode is rapid sequence where you’ll be required to tap buttons multiple times. The highest you can attain during rapid sequence is 250 points. There’s also rush mode where you’ll need to move as fast as possible. Sheep and chicken will come out in multiples. Focus on the sheep to rack up points.

Avoid the roosters

The rooster sometimes shows up on screen during the sequence. Similar to pressing the wrong buttons, pressing the button that comes with the rooster will drain the stamina. You receive 300 points for not attacking the chicken.


Watching movies boosts Kasuga’s bond gauge with his friends. Keep inviting party members to join to unlock the bond drama. When the bond drama is unlocked, Kasuga will learn a bond technique that improves the class’ power.

You get points depending on your performance. The lowest you can get is 5 and the highest you can attain is 15.

List of movies

Movie Difficulty Best character to invite Personality Boost
RoboCook 1
  • Zhao
  • Answer: “Neo Galaxy Extreme Flambe”
Office Alone 2 Any Charisma
Sultry Adultery 3: The Key to Love 2
  • Koichi Adachi
  • Answer: “Is it an ancient text?”
Shark Vacation 3
  • Yu Nanba
  • Answer: “Takashi and Yuko”
Lord of the Wedding Rings Legend: Prologue 3
  • Eri Kamataki
  • Answer: “It’s a scene of fighting a dragon”
Passion, Intellect, Style
Our Winter Sonata 3
  • Saeko Mukita
  • Answer: “they’re actually lovers separated at birth”
The Rugged 48 4
  • Joon-gi Han
  • Answer: “Twenty-two”
538 Rules of Romance 4 Any Style
Isezaki Ijincho, a History 5 Any Intellect, Style
Life of Sheep 5 Any Confidence, Charisma, Style
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