Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Vending Machine List and Guide

List and guide on vending machines in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Included are an overview, tips, and list of drinks for the red and blue vending machines.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Vending Machine List and Guide

Vending Machine

Stock up on recovery items

Drinks are consumables that can be brought in battle. The effect range from restoring HP or MP or temporarily boosts a certain stat in battle.

Check for shiny spots

You can also find items in front of vending machines. Look for yellow glowing spots and examine it using the square button. You can find money or plates that can be sold for a reasonable amount of yen.

List of vending machine drinks

Vending machines come in two colors and the types of drinks you can buy depend on the color. The drinks that can be bought from the red machine also vary depending on the location on the map.

Red vending machine

Some drinks like the Quickness lemon, Guardian Water, and Muscle Soda can only be found from a certain vending machine. The Quickness Lemon shows up on the machines on the top left and middle of the map, the Guardian Water appears near the Quickness Lemon machines, and some are on the top right. Last but not the least, the machine that carries Muscle Soda can be found on the top right and right sections of the map.

Item Effect Cost Items
Poseidon Power Boosts attack 300 yen
Apple Defense Boosts defense 300 yen
Peach Step Boosts evasion 300 yen
Muscle Soda Boosts attack drastically 2000 yen
Guardian Water Boosts defense drastically 2000 yen
Quickness Lemon Boosts evasion drastically 2000 yen
Extreme Drink Raises experience points gained after battle 3000 yen
Sengoku Coffee Raises earnings after battle 3000 yen

Blue vending machine

Item Effect Cost Items
Suntory Mineral Water Restores 10 MP 110 yen
Boss Rainbow Mountain Restore 10 MP 120 yen
CC Lemon Restores 15 MP 160 yen
Green Dakara Restores 15 MP 160 yen
Suntory Black Oolong Tea Restores 15 MP 180 yen
Iyemon Tokucha Restores 15 MP 190 yen

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